Bringing it all together // 8 Weeks to Improve Your Blog

HELLO. WE’VE DONE IT! WE’RE FINALLY HERE. THE END OF THE COURSE. Well done if you followed along and checked in weekly, you deserve a…




Well done if you followed along and checked in weekly, you deserve a drink. Also, well done to those that didn’t follow check in weekly, you deserve a drink, too.

Just to end the course, I’d like to say thanks to everyone that left me wonderful comments, tweeted, retweeted, shared the course with others and have followed along on my e-mail list.

It’s been great fun to do and I’m sad to see the end of it.


Let’s recap what we’ve gone over during the last 7 weeks.

  • Week 1: Check Yourself an audit of your blog and social media accounts to make sure everything is up to date and ready for the new year.
  • Week 2: Learning From Othersanalysing other peoples blogs to see how you can improve your own.
  • Week 3: Figuring Out What You Wantbeing clear about your blog goals and what actions you need to take to achieve them.
  • Week 4: Improve Your Images how to improve your blog images, use props, make graphics and where to grab free stock photos. 
  • Week 5: Improve Your Contenttips and tricks on how to improve your writing.
  • Week 6: Blog Consistentlycreating a schedule that works for you and sticking to it.
  • Week 7: Socialiseusing comments and social media to get involved in the community and grow your traffic and social proof. 

There are all the posts we’ve been through.

Now it’s over to you, I’d love to you answer a few questions in the comments:

  1. What have you learnt over the last few weeks?
  2. What are you going to do differently with your blog from now on?
  3. Are there any questions, or type of posts you’d like to see from me in the future to help improve your blog?

Thanks again!

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  1. Thanks so much for the series Corinne! 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading along, and took a few action items – most noticeably the ones around cleaning up my profile pics and my about page on the blog. i want to overhaul my about page more but I’ll do that later when I have a bit more time.

    It was nice getting little bits of inspiration each week for things I could do differently with my blog 🙂

  2. It was a great series, Corinne! Everything was explained in details, which I really liked. There are a few things I noticed that I wasn’t doing and I am working on it. x

  3. Thank you for this! I just got back to blogging and I am a little rusty so I guess this is perfect for me! I am definitely going to read from the start.

  4. Regarding your last questions – I don’t think I can go into a full on Ella mode otherwise I wouldn’t shut up but I think this was a great series, and if I had to tell you something I’d like to see, I think another one of these would definitely what I’d pick. I loved it. There were alot of things I wasn’t doing that I’m trying to work on properly, and even then, I know I need to take a day off (even though it’s going to be a bit impossible) and just do my own recap on this series and see what I seriously need to improve on. So thank you, it was fabulous and I couldn’t be more grateful to you.

    Ella x

  5. I’ve just come across this and am so excited to have a look at each week to see how I can improve. I think sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when blogging, so taking a step back and reviewing where you are with things is a good idea. Can’t wait to get started!

    Becca |

  6. I’ve recently found your blog and have loved working my way through this series. I think the points that stuck out most to me were the ‘check yourself’ and ‘blog consistently’. My about page was pretty up to date, but my other pages need work. I’ve started fixing that but still have some work to do there. I am also rubbish at keeping to a schedule with my blog so I have started working on an editorial calendar and getting posts scheduled in advance. I think I take the attitude that I should be posting every day and then struggle to keep up, for now I am going to focus on three times a week and see how that goes. I already feel less overwhelmed by the idea so this is promising!

  7. Hyia 🙂 I thought the course was very helpful and I’ve done it all, yet I still have no comment on my blog. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! My tweets announcing new posts get likes and retweets, but no one seems to actually follow the links? All I can think is that maybe my website is too bright? Food blogs tend to be very pale… but how would anyone know my blog is brightly coloured if no one check it first? Maybe my blog name sucks? I always wanted to be called the princess kitchen, but now I’ve been questioning if it puts potential readers off? Sorry for the rant, you’re such an inspiring blogger, any tips are welcomed! Xx

  8. Thank you so much for doing this. You’ve actually made my last hour at work enjoyable. I will definitely be taking your suggestions into consideration, especially the one about socializing more and leaving comments on other blogs. I actually always thought it was kind of corny to comment on others blogs just to get some views, but I think the approach you talk about is more organic!

    Thanks again!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful series. I read them all and even started working on your tips like editing my about page and removing the social widgets. Your tips for improving inages and making graphics made me start using canva. Its a great tool and thanks for introducing me to it. Thanks again.

  10. Content in king and socializing is queen! I must admit that original and quality content will generate its own readers/consumers with time, but engagement simply speeds up that process. Great advice. Thanks!

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