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Analyse Other Peoples Blogs // 8 Weeks to #ImproveYourBlog


Welcome to 8 weeks To #ImproveYourBlog, week 2.

During this 8 week course, we’ll be focusing on one thing per week. Every Tuesday, they’ll be a new post for you to read, go away and do some tasks that will hopefully enable you to improve your blog.

If you want to see what’s coming up in future posts, then check out the introduction post where I go through each weeks topic.

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In last weeks blog post, Check Yourself, we were looking at how to go back to basics in order to get your blog in order, this week, we’ll be analysing other peoples blogs.

The full series:

  • Week 1: Check Yourself an audit of your blog and social media accounts to make sure everything is up to date and ready for the new year.
  • Week 2: Learning From Othersanalysing other peoples blogs to see how you can improve your own.
  • Week 3: Figuring Out What You Wantbeing clear about your blog goals and what actions you need to take to achieve them.
  • Week 4: Improve Your Images how to improve your blog images, use props, make graphics and where to grab free stock photos. 
  • Week 5: Improve Your Contenttips and tricks on how to improve your writing.
  • Week 6: Blog Consistentlycreating a schedule that works for you and sticking to it.
  • Week 7: Socialiseusing comments and social media to get involved in the community and grow your traffic and social proof. 

blog analysis

Analyse Other Peoples Blogs

Todays challenge is to take yourself over to other blogs and find inspiration in others in order to grow.

We’re often told not to compare ourselves to others and focus on what we’re doing. But it’s okay to learn from other people and take a look at what they’re doing great at.

I find that surrounding yourself with inspirational blogs can really keep me motivated – but sitting down to really look through a blog that you love can really make you see how attainable it is to be seen as successful, too.

It’s also a great way of looking recognising the direction you want your blog to take – are there things from these blogs you can seek inspiration on, put your own spin on them and use them to your advantage?

What I’d like you to do is go over to at least 5 other blogs that you see as successful or inspirational and think about the following:

  • What are they posting about?
  • What is their writing style?
  • How often to they post?
  • How do their readers engage with the blogger?
  • How does the blogger use social media?
  • What is it about the blog that makes you view it as successful?
  • How do they use images?
  • What other pages do they have in their menu bar?
  • How do they end blog posts?
  • What do you like about the design?
  • What would you do to make the blog better?

blog analysis

Download the printable to help you.

I’d love for you to come back and tell me how you’re going to use this analysis to improve your blog. What have your learnt and want can you make better?

I do have an existing printable and very in depth guide for analysing blogs if you want to delve further than the questions above.

I’d love you to let me know if you’ve learnt anything by doing this!

Come back next Tuesday, when we’ll be figuring out what we want from our blogs, so we can figure out which direction we need to take.

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1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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