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The Body Shop Foundation Brush

  When I went to the Body Shop Christmas launch a few weeks ago, I had a foundation tested on me. I ended up buying…



The BodyShopWhen I went to the Body Shop Christmas launch a few weeks ago, I had a foundation tested on me.

I ended up buying the foundation there and then, but when I got home, I couldn’t get the foundation brush the assistant used off my mind.

When I can’t get things off my mind, I usually just end up buying them. Otherwise I keep thinking about them all the time. I’m spoilt and have little self control, you see.

body shop foundation brush review

The brush is just so soft, it felt very silky on my skin which is why I was so eager to have it to myself. I’ve not tried many foundation brushes before, the one I had before was a cheap one from a set which had quite hard, thick bristles and I’ve been using a beauty blender for the past few months.

All the brushes from The Body Shop are cruelty free and have super soft, synthetic hair.

body shop foundation brush review

The only downfall to this brush is that it can leave brush streaks on my face, so you do have to really blend this – but I’ve always had that problem with makeup brushes. I did search to see if this was a common problem but I couldn’t find much information on it!

body shop foundation brush review

The quality of this brush is fantastic, I’ve not had any bristles fall out after 2 weeks of daily use! The last brush I bought was from Walgreens in Florida, it was a blusher brush and so many of the bristles fell out! Lame. It cost me 10 bloody dollars too!

I can see this foundation brush being a staple part of my makeup routine from now on, seeing as my beauty blender tore when I was trying to clean it (if anyone knows how the fuck you clean a beauty blender, PLEASE HELP ME).

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What are your favourite brushes?



  1. I use a RT buffing brush for my foundation (which is a Mac powder foundation… I forget which one). I always feel like brushes like this would take aaaaages to cover my face! How much time does it take for you? 🙂

  2. I’m glad to hear no bristles have fallen from this brush as one I purchased a while back from H&M was dreadful – I had a bristle caught in my eye for a few hours and it was a horrible feeling! Have a lovely week ahead 🙂


  3. I only own two brushes – one is Body Shop and the other is from Boots 🙂 I love both but the Body Shop one is higher quality.

    Lizzie’s Daily Blog

  4. Omg I’ve been meaning to by a foundation brush for ages! I really need one, I use a sponge and it’s so hard to clean it!!! 😉

  5. I’m a big fan of The Body Shop brushes! Since the bristles are synthetic, you don’t need a lot of makeup to see the color payoff.

  6. ah, i’ve had this brush for four years now (i think) and still love it. although, i use it for mainly powder at the moment, ’cause i’m stupid like that, haha:-) i also have a couple of other the body shop brushes, and they’re all as good! xx

  7. We haven’t heard much about Body Shop’s brushes, but this sounds promising! We might have to pick some up and give them a go

    M + K

  8. Until recently I had totally forgotten that body shop did makeup. It was a nice surprise and I have bought a prima and foundation. This sounds good hopefully with more use the brushstrokes will reduce Lucy x

  9. brushes are my must haves part of applying make up. having good ones means a better result. i have seen so much difference with them.

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