5 Top Toppings for Cripsbread

I received a packet of Finn Crisp’s original crispbread in the May Degustabox. I knew straight away that I wanted to do a post about…

I received a packet of Finn Crisp’s original crispbread in the May Degustabox. I knew straight away that I wanted to do a post about my favourite toppings to put on crispbread, as I’m on a constant quest for a healthier diet. 
There are many things you can stick on top of crispbreads, you can make it complicated or simple. I’m a fan of simple, so here are the top 5 things I love to load on top of crispbreads.

1. Cottage cheese and pepper.

Cottage cheese has to be one of the most popular topping crispbread and you can get different types at the supermarket. Herbs, garlic, onion, pineapple, chilli. I’ve even seen cucumber recently! I like to put pepper on also for extra flavour. 

2. Cream cheese and piccante peppers.

Just like cottage cheese, cream cheese can come in a variety of different flavours and also lighter, or low flat versions. The one I used was a 50% less fat garlic and herb one. Yummeh. 
I topped this with the Pepperdew piquanted peppers I got in the February Degustabox. They are a bit spicy and a perfect topping for crispbread!

Pate and sliced olives.

I could probably eat pate and olives on a daily basis. On a mealy basis, even. I’ve only liked olives for the past year or so. They have to be fresh and I could spend so much money at the olive bar at Morrisons and Tesco. 
Although pate is a little on the naughty side, a thin layer is acceptable! Add sliced olives for extra nommyness.  

Humous and sun dried tomato

Another typical topping, made a little more exciting by sun dried tomatoes. I don’t like fresh tomatoes, even though I’ve tried to eat them in an attempt to acquire a liking for them but I failed miserably. I do love sun dried tomatoes though and tomato flavoured things.
Layer them over humous for a delicious combo. Again, humous comes in different flavours and often come in reduced flavours for a guilt free treat.

Tuna and cucumber.

Tuna and cucumber is a perfect combo. I put a thin layer of cream cheese on the bottom so it wasn’t too dry. 
The amount of things you can put on crispbread is endless. I love things like this because I can have different toppings and different varieties all together, which is good for me as I get bored really easily. 
What are your favourite crispbread toppings?
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  1. That’s lunch today sorted! I love cream cheese and smoked salmon on crispbread, or mashed banana.

  2. holy YUM, i’m so pinning this. it all looks so yummy- i’ve never thought of combining cottage cheese and peppers before. that sounds like such a tasty and fun combo!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. Can’t say I am a great fan of crisp breads love that they are love in calories but they remind me of cardboard I prefer the ones that are thicker. Best topping roasted humous, chicken, onion and rocket Lucy x

  4. Oh, each one of those looks gorgeous! The pate one in particular. Sometimes I have them with natural peanut or cashew butter and sugar-free jam…nom.

  5. I love cream cheese and smoked salmon or parma ham, spinach, mozzarella and roasted red pepper (the pickled ones in jars!) Nom!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  6. What a great idea for a post. I love all of these.

    Also, I adore your dress from the previous post with the little white bunnies. You’ve made me discover an amazing new website.

  7. Humours and sun dried tomatoes is probably my favourite I don’t think I can stomach others but they are such great options and easy to make

  8. hummus & sun dried tomato is my favourite combination, i think! STILL haven’t tried pâté.. i’ll really need to muster up some guts to! hehe

  9. this look likes delicious!! ñam, ñam!!( It is a very typical spanish expression to say yummy) Kisses:)

  10. Yum, this looks so good!! Never had these before, but I will have to pick them up next time I’m at the store!! Yummy yummy :)) xx

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