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I have a lot of people asking me if I actually go out in these shoe boots as they are so high! The answer is mostly yes, but it depends where I am going. If I was going shopping I would probably opt for flats or a slightly shorter heel, but if I was going out for a meal, or drinks, or to visit a friend then yes. I wear them. They don’t hurt and I don’t struggle to walk in them, I just cannot speed walk!
Ah, Emily and Fin. Hello once again. I love love love these dresses, I have spent so long on Kiki’s Boutique staring longingly at this particular dress and wondering if I can justify paying £59 for it. I am in love with it!
Have a browse at the rest of the Emily and Fin collection on Kiki’s Boutique and tell me you are not filled with joy and butterflies while your eyes feast on those wonderful patterns, colours and cuts that compliment every figure. I seriously want to lick my computer screen when I look at them.
Who needs a relationship when you have dresses?
Please leave a link below with your favorite dress =)
And no, I am not being paid to promote them, or even been asked to! It’s just I want to share the love and it seems not many places stock the dresses. It would be great if they could get them into more shops!
Okay, so Saturday night I stayed at my friends house. We drank the wine and watched Paranormal Activity Two. FEAR. And in the morning I got to play with her little 2 year old girl who is super funny and cute. Bouncy ball and alphabet cards yes. I don’t usually like kids but she is hilarious so I guess there is an exception! She walked into the door at once point and instead of crying, she just said ‘Ooppsssieee’! And we had a conversation about socks.
The dress above is actually what I wore on Saturday evening, I was going to wear the outfit I posted on Saturday but decided it was a little too dressy for an evening inside, so changed last minute!
It’s a lovely day outside today! I am wearing another Emily and Fin dress (duh) which has to be my favorite. I have taken photos and will save that for my next post.
I am hoping my housemate will get up soon and we can go to a park or something, get up Lilly, it’s 13:15!!
How are you spending your bank holiday?
Corinne x


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