Emily and Fin Strawberry Print Dress (again)

Dress : ASOS/Emily and Fin (duh) Sold out now though!
Shoes : Matalan (about 6 years old!)

emily and fin strawberry print dress

emily and fin day after day dress

emily and fin dress

emily and fin strawberry dress


emily and fin

This is Lilly’s outfit. I believe the dress is from Primark, but I am not 100% sure!

butterfly dress

So yesterday was Bank Holiday Monday. Which means the majority of us got the day off work. This is great news, it was a wonderful wonderful day and not being at work is my favorite thing ever. I am working the next Bank Holiday at the end of May, therefore I am hoping that it will rain.

I love May, I really do. It seems that May and September are the nicest months in England. Everything in between is always rainy or snowy or cloudy. It is so strange that just a month ago I was posting photos of the snow, and now here we are, in summer dresses and sunglasses. 

We visited Roundhay Park in Leeds, which is about 10 minutes from my house. It was so busy, I cannot believe how many people were there (it was the typical British mentality of ‘quick, sun, let’s get shorts on and sit outside’)! It was also massive, we did not go around it all.

We went to this lovely cafe and had a glass of wine, then wandered around and found a patch of grass to sit on, I put music on my iPhone and we chatted away about our school years, etc. It was a pretty good afternoon if you ask me.

roundhay park


How did you spend your Bank Holiday weekend?

(also – my apologies for the amount of photos!)

Corinne x

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