Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers

Having a toddler at Christmas is exciting! Seeing their little face light up with the magic of Christmas is wonderful. But trying to figure out what to buy a toddler for Christmas can be tough.


Having a toddler at Christmas is exciting! Seeing their little face light up with the magic of Christmas is wonderful. But trying to figure out what to buy a toddler for Christmas can be tough. Their tastes change so quickly. One week they’re all about Hey Duggee and then the next week it’s Thomas The Tank Engine. Plus, they already have so many things (well, mine does, anyway!).

I really like the saying ‘Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read’. According to this, you only give a child 4 things. There’s no need to go overboard at this age, they get overwhelmed easily! So this is a good rule to go buy if you’re stuck for ideas.

This guide is aimed at pre-school children. The gifts will be great for those aged 2-5 years old.

Let’s see what’s in this Christmas Gift Guide For toddlers then!

Micro Scooter

This foldable Mini Micro Scooter is suitable for ages 2-5 and it’s the most awarded scooter ever. You can easily fold it down for those times when you need to carry it during a walk or to make it easy to store and transport. It comes in lovely colours (this actual colour is my favourite!).

Christmas Gifts For Toddlers - Micro Scooter.

It’s really good quality, each part can be repaired if needed.

The brand also champions green living by encouraging children and parents to travel by scooter more for cleaner air, and also in their manufacturing processes.

What I love about these scooters is that you can even buy an attachment for it that allows the child to sit on the scooter, and a handle so you can push them along. It’s great for older toddlers who may not need or want to sit in a pram, but aren’t quite ready to walk everywhere yet. One of the little girls who my son goes to gymnastics with has one. I may need to buy one!

Buy this scooter here.

PLAYin CHOC’s ToyChoc Boxes

These Christmas-themed ToyChoc Boxes are an eco-friendly alternative to Kinder Surprise. They are great for Christmas stockings, small Christmas gifts or treats throughout December. If you make your own advent calendar with different toys and treats each day, these would be perfect.

PLAYin CHOC's ToyChoc Boxes - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

They would also make a great party favour to put on the Christmas dinner table if you have a few children joining you for Christmas.

Each box includes two organic vegan chocolates, a 3D Christmas cardboard puzzle to build and a Christmas fact card.

They also have other boxes, such as animal themes.

Buy them here.

Magicubes Wheels

I love the Magicube 13-piece Set for my nearly three-year-old because it’s perfect for toddlers aged 1-5. These colourful 3D cubes, like building bricks, have magnets on all sides, making them safe and captivating for young kids to explore magnetism. Plus – you can buy other Magicube sets and they all work together!

Magicubes Wheels  - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

With various shapes and magnetic wheels, they’re easy for little hands to handle, encouraging imaginative play and fine motor skill development.

Read my full Magicube review here.

You can buy it here.

Magicube 24 Cubes

This is a great starter pack for Magicubes. 24 simple magnetic cubes for your toddler to explore! The booklet inside gives you plenty of ideas of things to build. My toddler loves making towers with his.

As you can see from the booklet that gives you ideas, there are so many things you can make so this will last us a few years!

Magicube 24 Cubes  - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide
Magicube 24 Cubes  - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Buy it here.

GeoMag SuperColour

A step up from Magicubes is the Geomag Classic set, a more advanced building toy suitable for children aged 3 and above. This set includes magnetic rods and metal balls that can be creatively combined to build a wide range of structures, limited only by your child’s imagination. Geomag Classic offers endless possibilities, from simple shapes to intricate designs, allowing kids to explore shapes and magnetism while building towers, bridges, and vehicles.

GeoMag SuperColour - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Some sets even include plastic shapes for added stability and complexity. The best part? Geomag Classic is compatible with other sets in the range, allowing for the expansion of collections and the creation of even bigger and more impressive structures. Initially hesitant due to small pieces, I decided to open and play with this set when my son showed interest. He loves playing with this. He’s almost three and gets a lot out of it. Although he isn’t great at building things yet, he loves experimenting with the magnets and watching me build.

We plan to buy him some more sets for Christmas.

Read my full GeoMag review here.

You can buy it here.

Connetix Pastel Creative Pack

Continuing with my theme of magnetic toys, Connetix is another magnet toy which is great for allowing toddlers to explore their creativity.

Connetix Pastel Creative Pack - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

This pastel creative pack has a massive 120 pieces of varying shapes and colours.

Connetix sparks STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and, Mathematics) learning and also nurtures fine and gross motor skills. Toddlers can create towering castles, futuristic rockets, majestic towers, sturdy bridges, and much more. It even comes with a book that is full of ideas of what to make!

My toddler loves playing with these, although he’s only 2 so can’t make many things, we love stacking them up and building houses with them.

You can buy it here.

Hey Doodle Drawing MiniMat

This Hey Doodle MiniMat is a great gift for children who love colouring. The silicone mat can be washed after and used many times. This mat is about the size of a placemat, so would be great to take with you when you are going for a meal to keep your child entertained without using a screen.

Hey Doodle Drawing MiniMat - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

This particular HeyDoodle mat is called Toot Toot Honk and is themed all around modes of transport. There are plenty of other themes, such as animals and dinosaurs.

If you want something bigger, there are A3 mats or even books that you can draw on and wipe clean.

Check them out here.

Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game

This wooden fishing game has wooden insects that you catch using a magnetic fishing rod. It’s a great little game for youngsters and even has two rods so you can compete against each other.

Catch a Bug Wooden Fishing Game - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Buy it here.

Yum Yuck Picnic Game

In the yum yuck picnic game you have to complete your picnic without getting any yucky bugs. It’s an ideal first board game for toddlers!

Yum Yuck Picnic Game - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Buy it here

On The Go Magnetic Shapes Play

This magnetic shape game is a great little game for toddlers on the go. It would make a great toy to take while going out for a meal. There are lots of magnetic shapes and you have to find the right shapes to make the shape in on the card. A fun stocking filler!

This would be better suited for an older toddler as there are a lot of small pieces and it needs a steadier hand to complete.

Buy it here

Peek-A-Zoo Bingo Game

This peek-a-zoo bingo game is a kid-friendly bingo where you have to guess the animal through the little hole. A great first taste of the classic bingo game for toddlers!

Peek-A-Zoo Bingo Game - Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

Buy it here.

That’s it for my toddler Christmas gift guide! Do you have any good ideas for Christmas gifts for toddlers?


  1. These are interesting Christmas gifts for toddlers. I love that it can keep them and benefit them from working on them. Thank you for sharing!

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