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Our new music desk with FlexiSpot

AD| I’ve spoken before about how the spare room in our house has many different functions. It serves as a guest room, an office and…


AD| I’ve spoken before about how the spare room in our house has many different functions. It serves as a guest room, an office and a music room for my husband’s guitars and is home to my piano.

Although I spend much of my free time in this room, I’ve always hated it due to the desk. We had a large studio desk in light wood and it just looked out of place and a bit, old-fashioned. Do you know those old computer desks that were popular 20 years ago? It reminded me of those.

Anyway, good news – that awful desk is GONE.

Enter our new FlexiSpot desk with black legs and a gorgeous mahogany top.

It looks much nicer and fits in with the style of the room. We still need to sort the wires out and decide what to put on the wall – we’re not sure whether to put the guitars on the wall or some wall art.

Our standing desk looks stylish and is also functional. When I think of standing desks, I always thought they would just be tall desks and look a bit daft in a home. But this Flexispot desk is adjustable. Just use the control panel to change the size and up it zooms! Perfect for when my husband is standing up playing the guitar and using his laptop at the same time and it can be lowered to be used as a normal desk.

You can pick different stand colours and the top of the desk – so we went with one that suits our room the best.

We’ve both happy with your Flexispot standing desk. The room looks much nicer with its simple design! One of my friends has also tried a similar option from EZ Shopper, a UK based standing desk brand, and was equally pleased


  1. It looks great! I really want a standing desk in my bedroom to replace the desk I already have. I think having the option to stand or sit comfortably would be good for my chronic back pain x

  2. I’d LOVE a standing desk – I had one in my previous job and just became soo productive. Now I have the baby and I’m back to work, my office is empty and I work either on the floor (being climbed over) or on the kitchen island and he’s in his highchair!

  3. This is such a cool desk! Love that you have your own music room (ish) in your house. My boyfriend would love something like that x

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