Captured Moments: How to Display Your Favourite Wedding Day Photographs

One of the moments that everyone looks forward to when getting married is getting their photos back from the photographer. However, once you have the…


One of the moments that everyone looks forward to when getting married is getting their photos back from the photographer. However, once you have the photos back, it can be challenging to try and come up with the perfect way to display them. Luckily, we have compiled a list of ideas to help you to showcase your favourite photos from the day; let’s get into it. 

Coffee Table Books

If you really struggle to narrow down your favourite photos to just a few, then you could always compile all of your favourite photos into an album. The album could be made online and printed digitally, which allows you to display it as a coffee table book. It can easily become a centrepiece within your living room. Not to mention the fact that it can tell the story for the whole wedding day. 

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is an incredibly popular design feature. If you already have one, you could simply adjust it, maybe more your photos around to use your wedding photos as the focal point. If you don’t already have one, you might want to avoid creating one out of your wedding photos because it might be a bit much. Instead, you should choose your favourite wedding photos to create a focal point. Otherwise, the secret to a great gallery wall is to vary it visually, from photos to art to prints. 


Another option and perhaps one of the most traditional ways to display your wedding photos is simply to have your favourite one framed and hung somewhere in your house. Luckily, you can get custom picture frames from brands like Picture Frames Direct, which you can tailor to the size and design of your photo. For example, a lot of people tend to hang a larger, blown-up photograph in their living rooms above the mantel or above the bed, although you could hang them wherever you want. 

Shelf Displays

Another traditional way to display your wedding photographs is simply to place them on a shelf. You could either clear off a shelf in your bookshelf to display the photos or hang a freestanding shelf on the wall specifically to house your wedding photos. Again, as with the gallery wall, the trick is to create enough visual interest. You can do this by varying the photo size and displays featuring both landscape and portrait shots and even choosing mismatched frames. 


This is not necessarily a way to display your favourite wedding photos to everyone else, but it can be a great way to carry them with you. Have your favourite photo resized and added into a locket or a broch or a bracelet or a watch or a ring. The options are truly endless. It is a great way to always have your favourite photo and a reminder of your special day on you at all times. 


There are a lot of ways to showcase your favourite memories from your special day. You can opt for a traditional route and frame your photo to hang on a wall or place on a shelf, or you can use a slightly more updated method and add your favourite wedding photos to a gallery wall or into a coffee table book. Think about your vibe and your home decorating style to find the option that suits you the most.

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