Seven Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

AD. The smallest changes that you make in your life can make a big difference in everything that you do. From your mood to your…


AD. The smallest changes that you make in your life can make a big difference in everything that you do. From your mood to your overall health, the changes that you make will change the way you look at the world around you. Where do you know which tweaks to make within your personal life, you can extend this to the tweaks that you could make in your professional life. The point here is that spring cleaning your life makes you feel refreshed and like you have a new beginning.

There is nothing wrong with a life upgrade, and it starts with the way that you see yourself and the way that you manage yourself. You may not consider that your annual computer file cleanup could do wonders for your health, but until you sit down and do it you won’t see the difference in yourself. Below, we’ve put together seven ways that you can spring clean your life so that you can feel more organised and more vital than ever.

  • Go through your technology. We just talked about your file cleanup, but when was the last time you looked at the desktop of your computer and organized it? It doesn’t matter whether you are in business, or you are studying for uni. The point here is that going through your technology and clearing out old pictures, old videos, moving things onto a backup drive and making sure that your computer is tidy, can be as effective as actually cleaning your room! Clear up the storage on all of your technology and move things onto outside external drives. It be surprised how effective this could be to help with your mental health and your emotional well-being
  • Zero your inbox. You need to stop drowning in emails, and if you want to feel more organised you should limit the number of times you check for emails every day. Give yourself a cut-off time every day and by that time you want to zero your emails for the rest of the day. Make sure that you’re checking your emails efficiently, and if you see spam emails, unsubscribe from them and bin them. This way, they won’t be talking up your inbox. 
  • Always set small goals. If you want to make sure that you are spring cleaning your life, you must also Spring clean your living and working spaces. Set yourself some small goals to reduce clutter and clean the areas, and give yourself a time frame for each job. You’ll only do as much work as each job requires you to do, so make sure that you’re getting rid of things that aren’t serving you well and clear your mental space at the same time.
  • Spend time doing a little of nothing. You do not have to be busy to be productive. It is absolutely productive if you choose to rest at some stage, and if your life is busy today, you need to remember the last time you just chilled out and did nothing. You need to have a calm and clear mind and that means that you need to do nothing, be nothing and say nothing just for a little while. It might be tempting to jump on your phone and scroll, but this time is about you doing absolutely nothing which means leaving your technology alone. It’s a great way to Spring clean your life and reset your brain.
  • Spend time on your side hustle. Whether Your side hustle involves you knitting a blanket, reading a book, or earning some cash selling something you’ve made, spend some time on it. This takes you away from your work and your daily life – it’s a little escape.
  • Consider your future. You want to spend your life learning and growing so that you can develop into the person that you want to be. Nobody wants to get to 80 years old and regret anything that they’ve done in their lives. If you consider what you want your future to look like, you can figure out what the challenges you may have to face to get there. Once you know what these challenges are, you can mitigate them And feel ready for anything.
  • Get comfortable with saying no. One of the best ways you can spring clean your life, is to learn to say no to people who do not deserve a yes. Spring cleaning your life means removing the things that aren’t serving you well any more, and it’s not just things – it’s people. Learn to say no, and you will get your time and your energy back.

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