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My Little Piccolo Review – Organic Baby Food

AD| My Little Piccolo isn’t a brand I have used before creating this blog post. Honestly, because we followed Baby Led Weaning I’ve not ever…


AD| My Little Piccolo isn’t a brand I have used before creating this blog post. Honestly, because we followed Baby Led Weaning I’ve not ever given Leo baby food. The only things he had was the prune pouches when he was constipated (this can happen when they start weaning but doesn’t anymore) and a few of the snacks that we take on the go. Crispy Tiddlers have saved my life so many times when he’s on the verge of meltdown in the middle of Tesco!

But in terms of ‘baby food’ he’s never actually had baby food jars or baby rice or things like that. We just give him what we eat, cut it up in the appropriate way. This is quite easy as it means we don’t have to make him anything separate and he gets to explore different things.

My Little Piccolo

I recently did a cooking challenge with My Little Piccolo and they sent Leo lots of goodies to try!

They sent me the full cooking range, along with a chopping board, Nuby bamboo bowl & spoon, an apron for both Leo and me, plus a chef’s hat for Leo (which he just pulls off instantly).

The My Little Piccolo cooking range contains what I would class as ‘store cupboard food’ rather than your traditional baby food. They do sell formula, pouches and snacks also.

About Little Piccolo

Little Piccolo began with their founder, Catherine Gazzoli. When her daughter was born, she wanted to create wholesome and sustainable foods for kids. The food is all sustainable, organic (free from GMO, pesticides and herbicides) and locally sourced from independent family farms.

My Little Piccolo

Here’s what I got:

My Little Piccolo Cooking Range

  • Pumpkin & cheese sauce
  • Chicken stock cubes
  • Little butterflies baby pasta
  • Organic tomato & basil risotto
  • Vegetable stock cubes
  • Tomato and mascarpone sauce
  • Organic pea Piccolo risotto
  • Bolonase sauce
  • Classic pasta sauce
  • Tricolore shells baby pasta

My cook-off recipe.

I always want to get creative with meals for Leo but time is usually something that stops me. But I made this super tasty, super quick and super fun meal for Leo for my cook-off recipe!

My Little Piccolo recipe


Piccolo baby pasta
A wrap
1 plum tomato
Pepper slice
Slice of cucumber
2 blueberries
Piccolo stir in pumpkin and cheese sauce


1 Put the pasta on boil
2 Cut the wrap to size and cut two ‘ears’ out
3 Cut the slice of cucumber in half for ‘eyes’
4 Put 2 blueberries on for the pupils
5 Cut the tomato in half and place for the nose
6 Cut the pepper to make a mouth
7 Drain the pasta
8 Stir in the sauce
9 Spoon the sauce around the wrap for the mane

I made more pasta than I needed to so just ate the rest for my dinner while Leo eat his.

My Little Piccolo

Leo’s thoughts

Well, it’s hard to know what he’s thinking, my life would be so much easier if I did know!

He did eat a bit of the pasta and pasta sauce, but not a lot. In typical Leo style, he went for the blueberries first.

He’s always a bit hit and miss with pasta, so that doesn’t surprise me. Sometimes he eats loads and other times he hardly touches it. I continue to offer it, without forcing him to eat it. He usually has fusilli pasta.

If I’m perfectly honest, I would not buy the Piccolo organic baby pasta for him again. He’s 15 months now and can cope with fusilli just fine. I may have been introduced him to the baby pasta when he was younger as I was very nervous about him choking. But babies can handle normal pasta!

I like the sauces the most. As I said, Leo eats what we eat so there’s no need to make separate meals for him. But these would come in handy if we are having some that are spicy as we could easily use the stir in sauces for him instead of giving him the hot and spicy sauce.

It would also be good if I need to quickly feed him when I’m not eating or we need something quick. There are times when his nap time is a bit out of whack and I need to feed him dinner later than usual. I just want to give him something quick and easy as we will be having our evening meal a couple of hours later. In cases like this, it’s very quick to boil some pasta and put the sauce on top.

I would have loved the stock cubes when first started weaning, too. They are really low in salt which is great! Now he’s over one, I’m a bit less conscious about his salt intake. Before I was quite strict with it. We will still use these stock cubes though!

My Little Piccolo lion wrap

Final thoughts

The pros of this food range are it’s quick and easy to make. It’s organic and sustainable food. It’s good for a quick meal.

The cons are that it doesn’t really fit into the Baby Led Weaning plan of just feeding a baby the same as what you eat. Though it’s better than jars and pouches in my opinion (the solid food encourages them to move food around their mouth, chew and swallow). It could get quite expensive if you were buying your baby food like this all of the time when they can just have what the rest of the family eat. It also means you have to cook different meals. I guess it depends on your personal preferences!

They do have some great My Little Piccolo recipes on their website!

Piccolo baby food is handy to have in the cupboard just in case, but not essential.

Check out the first two weeks of Leos’ baby-led weaning journey.


  1. If only we knew what our babies were thinking! That’s be ideal. Haha. We’ve just got on the weaning train again, nothing quite as solid as this yet, but I’ll be sure to keep some of the things in mind. The baby pasta sounds great until. Evie can eat the same one as us. I think like you though we’ll mostly be going down the BLW route. especially with another child I feel like it just makes sense for us all to eat the same meal, for just obviously in appropriate sizes.
    Claire. X

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