5 relaxing gifts for anyone who needs to de-stress

AD| It’s fair to say everyone’s stress levels have been elevated the past few years, and we’re all in need of relaxation and self-care. Whether…


AD| It’s fair to say everyone’s stress levels have been elevated the past few years, and we’re all in need of relaxation and self-care. Whether you’re treating yourself, buying a just-because gift for a friend or shopping for a special occasion, choosing presents that encourage a state of zen are the perfect option in 2022. 

Finding the perfect gift is all about reading your giftee’s love language: Do they appreciate physical touch?  A weighted blanket is an ideal way to manage your stress levels. Acts of service? A gift voucher or subscription to a meal-delivery service will show how much you care. Gift-giving? The easiest of all, a homemade craft or pamper kit will make their day. Read on to discover five amazing gifts that are guaranteed to de-stress. 

Weighted blanket

If you’re going through a hard time, there’s nothing better than a hug from a loved one. But what do you do if you don’t have a hugger available when you need one? Enter the humble – but, oh so fabulous – weighted blanket. The concept is simple: weighted blankets apply deep pressure to your body to instil a feeling of calm. Filled with plastic or glass beads, ball bearings, or similar, weighted blankets can be used on the couch, in bed or anywhere you like to relax. The gentle pressure helps calm the nervous system and promote sleep, just like swaddling a baby. A weighted blanket makes a great gift for anyone who suffers from anxiety, is lonely, or struggles with insomnia – or simply those who need the comfort of a hug.

Yoga for beginners

There’s nothing quite like encouraging our loved ones to look after themselves with a gift that helps them put their health and wellness first.

Do you have a friend who is a budding yogi struggling to find their zen? Set them up with a DIY “yoga for beginners” kit.  Put together a box with a coordinating yoga mat, block and resistance bands, and add an essential oil diffuser or scented candle for a luxe touch. Consider an instructional book or DVD, or a subscription to a virtual yoga studio to complete the gift.  

Yoga and meditation are the ultimate tools to de-stress, as they encourage you to block out the world and focus on your breathing and flow. When you’re stuck in your thoughts, it can be hard to escape negative self-talk. This gift will help your friend focus on themselves and indulge in much-needed “me time”.  Bonus gift: if they have kids, offer to babysit so they can practise without interruption!!    

Meal delivery service

Almost everyone will agree, one of the hardest parts about adulting is having to cook every night! If you’re going through a period of grief, or simply feeling overwhelmed by life, the whole process of meal planning, shopping and cooking can easily become too much.  

A takeaway is a great stop-gap, but the healthier you eat, the better you feel. Your food can begin to have the opposite effect in the long run.  Whether you have a stressed-out friend or family member caring for a newborn, processing a loss, or simply struggling and in need of a pick-me-up, a voucher or subscription to a meal-delivery service is an excellent gift.  

Rather than a meal-kit service where the base ingredients are provided and need preparing, opt for a full-service company where nutritious meals are provided snap-frozen and merely need to be reheated in the oven or on the stove. This will cut out the stress of cooking while ensuring they have healthy food to nourish their body in their time of need.

Home spa kit

There is nothing more relaxing than settling back at home and enjoying a bit of pampering time. Pull together a hamper with bits and bobs for a home spa experience. Pick a gentle exfoliator, face mask, scented candle and a crisp cotton bathrobe, and package them beautifully for the ultimate feel-good gift.  

Other goodies that go perfectly in a home pamper kit are affirmation cards or a gratitude journal, chocolate (of course!), aromatherapy diffusers and a bath caddy shelf. For the ultimate indulgence, splurge on some noise-cancelling headphones so they can truly relax in peace, or a massage mat or gun, or other equipment to soothe sore muscles. Whilst it’s easy to buy a similar hamper pre-made, selecting items and making up your own kit provides a much more personal touch.  

Puzzles and crafts

For someone in desperate need of some downtime, puzzles, crafts and other activities that take their mind off life for a few hours are a thoughtful present. Adult colouring books have taken off in recent years and for good reason – as a mindfulness exercise they are brilliant for relaxing and reducing stress. If you are looking for a gift for someone creative who loves colour, this is the perfect low-key outlet for their talents. Another fantastic gift idea is puzzles – the more pieces, the better. Rainbow spectrum puzzles boost their dopamine levels, provide a challenge and offer a great sense of achievement once completed.  

With these gift ideas, you can’t go wrong helping your loved one to relax a little bit more. Whether it’s a friend who is going through a tough time or a loved one who needs a little TLC, there’s nothing better than the gift of self-care.


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