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AD| There are a few social media networks that bloggers are signed up to these days, most of them have the ability to add one…


AD| There are a few social media networks that bloggers are signed up to these days, most of them have the ability to add one link in your profile bio. This can cause a few issues when you have other social networks or more than one website to link to. But solves this problem. is a simple and easy to use solution to links in your bio. It allows you to add multiple links all in one place, so you’ll never be conflicted again about which link to place! is free! There are other free bio link tools but most have limited features unless you pay to play. isn’t like that.

Here are some of the cool features:


You can change the theme. There are loads of themes you can try out and use, or you can create your own by customising the colours, backgrounds, icons and more. There’s even a colour picker and HTML colour codes so you can use your exact brand colours.

Earn Money

You can earn money from your followers in various ways, such as sending a video message, having a phone call and evening following them. You can even create your own! This is great for earning a bit of extra cash through your followers by giving them the chance to interact with you. Or doing something even simpler giving them the option to buy you a ‘coffee’. does take a small % of these earnings, though. When you decide the cost of the service you are offering, it will show you how much you will actually earn after takes their fee, so this is all communicated up ground and no hidden and surprise charges.


I love statistics! In, you can see how many views your page has had, how many clicks, the top pages, location of users and more. A great way to see what’s working for you and what type of content is grabbing people!

Domain name

You can buy a new domain name or claim your current one. This just makes it look a bit more professional. Though I think the standard one looks great, as you can see in my profile before. As long as you can get your name or brand name, it doesn’t look spammy or unprofessional at all.

You might be wondering what links you want to put in your link bio. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tiktok URL
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Sign up to newsletter
  • Blog
  • About me section on blog
  • PR/Work with me on blog
  • Interesting/popular blog posts
  • Links to petitions/causes you’re passionate about

It’s a great way to update all your social media at once! Say if you put your ‘latest post’ in your bio, just put it on your link page and then it displays on every social media account which saves lots of time doing faffy admin.

Final thoughts

What I love about is how it’s easy to use. It’s just intuitive and makes sense. I’ve used other link bio tools such as Linktree and I found that a bit clumsy to use.

I also love the earning section where you can make a bit of cash. This is great for those with a large, loyal following or even good for doing some fundraising raising. really does help create a simple link card to go in your bio, offering a simple, customisable and on-brands solution to the one-link policy a lot of social media sites have.

I want to go back through mine and add a few more of my blog posts that I hope will gain more traction and look more into the customisation! But that’s for Leo’s next nap…


  1. I love that there are things like this to help us share more than one blog post/social media at a time, etc. I’ve used LinkTree for a number of years and absolutely love it, it’s very similar to so it’s great to know there are new/other options out there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have been hearing about recently and, from what I have seen, it looks awesome! I love that it gives you stats and communicates fees, features, and tools so clearly and honestly. Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

  3. I’ve used a similar thing to this in the past. I like yourself related like the statistical element to it. I love seeing facts and figures. In such a nerd. Haha.

    Claire. X

  4. I’ve seen a few of these bio link-list options, but Direct.Me looks really good! I love the simplicity and ease of it, and the fact it has loads of statistics info is really appealing to me!

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