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When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I had no idea what blog hosting even was! I started with a free blogging account through…


When I first started blogging 10 years ago, I had no idea what blog hosting even was! I started with a free blogging account through the popular Blogger, then later moved to WordPress self-hosted with TSO host about two years into my blogging journey.

Maybe you have a great idea for a brand new blog? Perhaps you’ve been on the go for a while now and you’ve realised that free hosting limits your growth? No matter where you may be on your journey, finding the best web hosting for bloggers is a key part of your success. Here’s what you need to look for in a great web hosting company:

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What to look for in a hosting company

Great uptime

No matter how great your content may be, no one will be able to appreciate it if your web host has poor uptime. Poor uptime sees your blog being unavailable to those who are visiting. This isn’t just an issue for your users: Google are less than keen on this too and so it could start affecting your organic results.

The best web hosting for bloggers comes with uptime of 99% or more. If you are looking at providers who offer less then it is perhaps time to look elsewhere.

24/7 customer support

Technology is, of course, pretty amazing. However, it is rarely, if ever, problem-free. Even with the best web hosting companies, there can be occasional glitches that have an impact on your website. Sometimes it isn’t even about the web hosting itself: it is often the case that we click something that maybe we shouldn’t have! When that happens you need to know that your host has your back.

You will find that the best web hosting for bloggers comes with 24/7 support. They answer queries quickly and resolve issues to get you up and running again as soon as possible. 


The best web hosting for bloggers comes from companies that have security at the forefront of all that they do. They ensure, firstly, that your personal data is safe and, secondly, they ensure that your site is safe and secure too.

You will find that great web hosting companies are more than happy to share the steps that they take to protect their customers. You will also find that they make it easy to backup your site just in case of the worst-case scenario.

Loading speed

You may already know a little about SEO. If you do, you’ll know that Google is not a fan of slow-loading sites (check out Google’s core web vitals). If your blog loads too slowly, not only are you going to frustrate users (and potentially lose them), you are also likely to see Google pushing you down the rankings.

The best web hosting for bloggers comes with great loading speeds. These speeds keep users on your site rather than clicking away in frustration.


When it comes to selecting a host for your blog, price shouldn’t be the overriding consideration. That being said, it is something that can’t be ignored. With web hosting, it is not necessarily the case that the more you pay, the better the service that you get. You will find that there are a wide range of price points.

The best web hosting for bloggers will, of course, be affordable for your business. What also matters here is the payment methods available. Are you able to use your card? Can you use the likes of PayPal? Can you choose to pay annually your monthly? The best hosts will have an option that suits you.

finding the best web hosting for bloggers is a key part of your success. Here’s what you need to look for in a great web hosting company:

What web hosting companies are out there for bloggers? 


I’ve been with Stablepoint for about 5 years now. I joined them after I was fed with my website going down when I was with TSO Host.

They were really helpful to me from the start. They transferred everything for me so I was able to just relax and let them take care of everything.

With my old hosting company, my website would go down for 5-10 minutes at a time. I had contacted support many times but was just told that the servers were getting upgraded to stop this. It never stopped.

With Stablepoint, my website has never been down that I know of. I also love how it’s such a reasonable price for all my blogs. I host 8 websites with them and pay £10.79 a month, including the SSL certificates which I was paying for separately before.

I also love the support. They have a chatbox on the website so they help you out instantly. Nothing is too much trouble for them, they can help you troubleshoot anything right there and then!

Prices start from £1.99 a month which includes 1 website and 3 email accounts.

If you’re interested in trying Stablepoint, you can sign-up here.

Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host is really popular among bloggers, you get 15 free stock photos a month with your hosting – so you can see why! But it is a bit more expensive, starting at £13.99 a month for 1 website. Lyrical host does daily backups for you, and includes an SSL certificate.

Sign up here and use the discount code SKINNED10 for 10% off your first payment.


BlueHost starts at £2.18 a month for the basic package which includes an SSL certificate too. The more expensive packages include better security features. BlueHost also includes a domain for a year! They also have an impressive uptime of 99.97% and is a fast and reliable hosting company for bloggers.

BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress so it meets stringent WordPress hosting requirements to offer the best WordPress hosting in the UK.

So Bluehost offers cheap blog hosting with fantastic performance and uptime.

Sign-up to Bluehost here.


Hostgator starts from just $2.79 a month. It promises 99.9% uptime, you can get a free domain for a year and a free SSL certificate.

What I like about Hostgator is that its business plan offers a bunch of SEO tools and a personalised SEO plan so you can help drive more traffic to your website.

Sign-up to Hostgator here.

So as you can see, these are for brilliant web hosting companies that would all work great with your blog! I’m really happy with Stablepoint so don’t have any plans to leave them, but would probably switch to BlueHost if I needed to change my blogs web host.

Don’t forget to click the links to check each one at, as they often have limited time deals that may be a deciding factor for you!

Happy hosting!


  1. I’m with lyrical host at the moment and whilst they’ve been amazing, they are quite pricey compared to others out there. I think I’m actually up for renewal in Feb or March so I’m going to have a look into what else is available. Crazy to think I’m paying £13 a month when blue host are charging £3 Eeep! I’ll definitely be having a look into this. Thanks for sharing love.

  2. I’m stilll with blogger and I find it so easy to use, if I were to ever make anything other than a hobby out of my blog I’d definitely move to WordPress, but for now I’m happy!
    Amy x

  3. I personally use 20i since I get to use their free web hosting service. Costs me like £6 a year – only downside is I have to install WordPress, email and other security features myself.

  4. When I first began blogging, I used GoDaddy. Boy, was that a mistake. They are the WORST. I had so many issues with them. I rebranded at the beginning of 2021 and the web developer I was working with forced me to switch to Siteground. He also wound up completely wrecking my website and I had to spend out my butt to get everything fixed. Because of how giant my site is and the redirecting I’m doing, I’m kind of stuck with Siteground and they are EXPENSIVE. Yes, my site runs faster and I have more space on it but goodness gracious, I wish I had paid more attention to what I was doing, rather than just listening to the first person who told me what to do. I’m using Bluehost for my husband’s business website and I really like them. Maybe one of these days, I can budget a switch to them for my blog, because they really are great!

  5. Thanks for the information! It is always good to keep my options open to different hosting companies, especially highly recommended ones. You never know when your hosting company that has done well previously will take a turn for the worse,

  6. Great post, Corinne! I finally went self-hosted on the new site and ended up going for Hostgator – their support has been really good so far! also LOVE that you get a free business email because my personal inbox was getting painfully choc full x

    mia // https://miasdiyprojects.com/

  7. I like your article. All points are useful but I like this Loading Speed and price. If your blog loads too slowly, you are likely to frustrate and lose your users, as well as see Google lowering your ranking.

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