The first few months of being a full-time blogger

I feel like it’s been a while since I sat down and did a chatty post like this. So hello! How are you? Would you…


I feel like it’s been a while since I sat down and did a chatty post like this. So hello! How are you? Would you like a cup of tea before I get started?

I posted a few months ago that I was taking the plunge and leaving my job following maternity to become a full-time blogger.

That blog post was over two months ago, so I thought I’d update how I’ve been doing and the feelings I’ve been experiencing.

Just like with any change in your life, transitioning to being a full-time blogger has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I am embracing the challenges. Most of them do seem to be around my mindset and self-confidence so that it something I can work on and I hope will improve with time.

So, let’s get into it!

photo of a women on laptop making money online during maternity

Imposter Syndrome Alert!

Despite blogging for 9 years and making money for most of that, I still feel like the new girl at work. I guess this is a novelty for me still. It’s like a dream come true but I hardly believe it.

I feel like an imposter a lot of the time when it comes to blogging full-time. Especially with Instagram as I don’t have large numbers there and it’s always such a slog to get engagement and followers.

I also feel like people just think I’m a stay at home mum being kept by my (soon to be) husband and just pretending to make an income blogging!

I’m experienced in so many ways when it comes to blogging, but naive in many others and I’ve been having to navigate new feelings and pressures around blogging, rather than it being a hobby or second income.

I have a few paid Instagram campaigns coming up and I’m so proud I’ve got them, but I can’t help but feel like my content won’t be good enough and won’t get enough engagement!

The Fear

The fear of not making money is big! Even though I have an emergency fund and I have a sinking fund for things like Christmas, car repairs and birthdays – I am afraid one day I won’t make enough to pay my way.

Fortunately, I’ve been fine so far but there’s been a few weeks here and there where I’ve been a bit quiet and that worries me. But then one day I’ll get loads of emails about collaborations and I’ll feel good again!

I just make extra effort to look for work and email contacts when this happens.

Money can be unevenly spread. One month, I might have lots of work but don’t see it all until the next month. This usually results in having a month where I earn less and then one where I earn more! I’ve come to enjoy being owed money the following month as it’s nice to know I don’t need to stress as much that much.

Diversifying my income

I’ve been working so hard on having a few income streams so I’m not just relying on this blog. I have 6 blogs that I make money from. Most of my income comes from this blog, but I’ve been working hard on my others!

Yes, it is hard work running so many blogs and I’d love to put as much love and care into them all as I do this one. That is not possible though so I just do what I can. The main goals are to get organic traffic my other blogs from Google to be able to monetise more.

I’ve even done some paid social media work and, as I mentioned, I’ve got a few upcoming collaborations for my Instagram. I’ve been working very hard on my Instagram content and I’m glad it’s paying off! Follow me here!

I’m also working on my Tiktok growth. Though it’s a bit crap at the moment, I’m hoping I can make some money through Tiktok one day. Currently, I’m just experimenting with different things and trying to improve my videos/editing. Follow me please.

I probably do need to step out of my comfort zones when it comes to Tiktok and Reels if I want to get some viral content!

Handling rejection

Listen – I’ve never been good at handling rejection and being rejected for blogging ops is no exception. I get it, my blog and Instagram are far from the best out there and they don’t have AMAZING stats. But it’s my best. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy growing my blog and working on my content. To know that someone doesn’t appreciate it really does hurt.

I get that they are just doing a job and they see loads of blogs. It just makes me feel not good enough. Especially when I think I would be a great brief! I do think that sometimes it’s more about the numbers.

It makes me a bit afraid to put myself out there. Thankfully most people just ignore your email so you don’t have to read a reply saying you’ve been rejected!

Managing time with the baby

Finding time to blog is a nightmare. My beautiful baby contact naps and he’s a terrible sleeper. In an ideal world, he would go to sleep at 8 pm and I would spend 8 pm-midnight blogging.

In reality, he won’t go to sleep until 9:30 and will wake up crying 4 times before midnight (a sad but true example of what’s happened tonight).

It’s frustrating but it is what it is.

I do bits of work during the day but mostly reply to emails, sometimes I can do comments while Leo is playing and I do social media on my phone during his naps.

One thing I do struggle with the most is taking photos and video content. Because I need to do this during the day and I can’t just take an hour to take some nice photos, I have to do it around Leo as quickly as possible when he’s in a good mood. I really want to improve my photography but it’s difficult as I always feel rushed. It is getting easier as he gets older and is playing independently so I’m hoping it will continue to get easier.

Switching off

I don’t do much of this! I’m up with Leo and look after him all day, then I blog all night. I check my emails way too much and if I see an email I need to reply to, I need to reply straight away or I get a bit stressed about it. That’s something I really need to work on!

I feel worried that if I don’t reply in time, I’ll miss the opportunity. Or it will delay a response and therefore delay the payment and I’ve just got this urgency to get the work done and get paid.

I just need to slow down and get more relaxed about things. It doesn’t help that the time I have to blog isn’t guaranteed, it’s dependant on how well Leo sleeps. My partner works 6 days a week, long hours, so the one day we do get together as a family I don’t want to spend it blogging!

How’s the money been?

It’s been great! I’ve smashed my income goals and I’ve already earned what I needed to earn for the financial year to make it worth me leaving work instead of paying childcare. I’ve actually doubled the figure on average!

I just hope things continue to work out for me so I can make this a long term plan.

So, that’s my update!


  1. Great post Corinne! I’ve faced a lot of the same fears and worries as you in my time as a full time blogger. Some weeks that are quiet it’s definitely still a bit of a worry money-wise. I’ve learned to have total faith that it will be fine and still to this day, I’ve never had a month where it’s been under what I’d have made on a regular full time income, so the mindset aspect is SO important too! Diversifying is something I could definitely look into a bit more; as you know I have affiliate marketing (and I’m not prepared to just persevere with it if I’m going to hate every second) so I’d love to figure out another way to bring in some more income! Sorry for the absolute essay but great post!

  2. Recently, you’ve become my beacon of hope. I’m freelance so have a handful of clients on the go as well as my blog but when my baby arrives I know I’ll struggle to do it all. You’re inspiring in that you’re completely and totally honest about the good bits and the not so easy bits! I love seeing your success – keep doing it girl!


  3. This is really an inspiring post. I appreciate how honest you are in what you’ve shared for the ups and downs of being a new full time blogger. That’s so exciting that you’re making it happen! The lack of steady, consistent income would be stressful for me, but I can see how it would become more consistent with time. I think it’s so great that you took the leap and are tackling this challenge and exciting journey! 🙂

  4. Such a great post and thanks for sharing and being so honest.

    I can relate to a lot of these worries and fears, but you’re doing amazing and you should try and remember that (difficult I know. My default is to think the worst and I can’t always control it).

    You got this.

  5. Imposter syndrome! (Hand raising) I’d love to know some of your secrets for income since I’m not quite making it.
    I enjoyed chatting, thanks for a great post. Leo is beyond adorable.

  6. So amazing that you have gone beyond your income goals! I love keeping up with your blogging journey, and I really like how honest you are xx

  7. Love that you have not made this into one of those ‘blogging pet peeves’ posts and instead done it as a chatty and relatable piece of writing! It is tough to balance out writing, photography, collaborations, meals, baby, and manage to live a little at the same time. I will celebrate you a little more when I see future ‘outing’ posts as I will know you made some time to go out and do something at a park, museum, or zoo.

    Despite the difficulties of balance, it is awesome to hear full-time blogging is paying off for you and that it is worth it! At the end of the day, I bet it is nice to be home with Leo as opposed to picking him up and dropping him off for childcare.
    Thanks so much for sharing an update on how change has changed you. 🙂

  8. I’m literally on my annual leave before maternity and working out how to make my maternity money stretch further so this is a fab read – I’m hoping I can do a little more blogging when baby is here but I guess we’ll see

  9. You really are an inspiration! It’s sad that people still don’t take blogging seriously, you’re literally a one man band, the writer, the accountant, the photographer etc but not appreciated enough. It’s such a big scary decision to take this leap but well done for doing it! Keep going!

    Soffy /

  10. Congratulations on the success of your blog! I admire you for taking this on as I know how busy life as a Mom can be. As a hobby bloggist, I can only imagine the anxiety attached to those of you who are earning an income but it must be intense! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lovely, honest post, thank you for sharing. So many new things – adjusting to being a full time blogger while also being a new mum! It sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. Some of your worries and concerns are so relatable even though I don’t do this full time. I really hope it continues to be a success for you.

  12. reading this post (and some of the comments) is giving me all the feels! The idea is for us to jump into this blogging deal full-time next year, and the fear is through the roof right now. I am happy to read that you have been doing so well and I hope we can do the same once we get into it – I feel like we can make it work if only we had the time to do so! Thank you for sharing this – I look forward to the next update x

  13. I loved how open and honest you were in this post and how you have been feeling since becoming a full-time blogger! I think I would definitely suffer from imposter syndrome too if I went full-time! You must definitely have your hands full being a mum as well so I totally admire you for that! x

    Lucy |

  14. Hello, WOW! That’s incredible that you’re blogging full-time now. I love to hear it. That’s incredible work! Alicia

  15. Such a great post! I’ve recently gone full time in the freelance world, and trying to make my blog a big part of that, so hearing your experience has been so brilliant

  16. Yes this can be scary managing your income sans full time job. But good for you, for going for it. And thanks for sharing all this with us.

    Allie of

  17. Switching off can be really tough, and it is truly difficult to find a balance. You’re doing an amazing job my lovely balancing everything. Keep going and don’t give up.

  18. So glad it’s working out for you! I find it hard enough to switch off from social media/blogging with it being a hobby so I imagine it’s really hard to switch off when it’s your job!
    Amy x

  19. This is such a real and honest post – thanks for sharing the peaks and valleys of full-time blogging! It’s great that your income has been what you’d aspired to be able to leave your full-time work and you’re finding time (albeit a challenge it sounds like) to blog in between your Leo time!

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