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Top Tips for Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

AD| Preparing for a pregnancy is a very exciting time in a person’s life. Whether it’s through IVF, or preparing for a family as a…


AD| Preparing for a pregnancy is a very exciting time in a person’s life. Whether it’s through IVF, or preparing for a family as a couple, there are a number of circumstances in terms of pregnancy, but the advice is wholly the same for each. While pregnancy should be an amazing time for you, you should aim to remain healthy and prepared when looking to conceive a child.

In my pregnancy 4 weeks pregnant post, I spoke about some of the things I was doing to prepare my body for pregnancy before I got pregnant.

Are you unsure about what to consider first when preparing yourself for pregnancy? Here are some top tips from a fertility clinic in London to help you along the way.

pregnant women third trimester

Folic acid intake

Folate is found in our bodies and aids in making healthy red blood cells. We used folic acid supplements during and before pregnancy as it helps an unborn baby develop their brain, skull and spinal cord properly, according to the NHS. 

Using folic acid helps your baby grow normally and gives your child at the very early stages of their growth to develop safely. You should take a supplement once a week which is available as a prescription or over the counter at pharmacies.

Smoking and alcohol

You should quit smoking before trying for a baby – there are many health risks associated with smoking during pregnancy. Smoking while trying to conceive also makes it more difficult to become pregnant.

You shouldn’t drink alcohol when pregnant as it’s been linked to long-term damage to your child. There are lots of support groups for those who struggle to reduce their smoking or alcohol intake through the NHS and in local areas.

Having a healthy diet and keeping to a healthy weight

Being overweight or obese rasies the risk of having pregnancy problems such as high blood pressure and a greater risk of miscarriage. Having a healthy diet and doing a regular amount of exercise each week is recommended in order to keep you at a healthy weight. It’s important to not gain too much weight and following healthy habits can prepare you for the future when preparing a healthy diet for your child.

Speak to your doctor about any long-term illnesses or conditions you have

You will be having regular conversations with your doctor or midwife about your pregnancy journey, so it’s crucial you speak to them about any long-term conditions you have. They can decide when and where you should be giving birth. You should also make your doctor aware of any medication you’re currently taking on a long-term basis to ensure they’ll be safe to use during your pregnancy.


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