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6 tips for Instagram Growth in 2021

Instagram growth in 2021 is harder than ever. I’ve recently started putting a lot more effort into Instagram. I’ve you’re a regular reader of my…


Instagram growth in 2021 is harder than ever. I’ve recently started putting a lot more effort into Instagram. I’ve you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I have such a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I’ve always found it a hard platform to grow on, it feels like unless you already have lots of followers elsewhere (like on YouTuber), or you are a reality TV star, it takes a lot of time and effort into growing your following and getting an engaged community that posts actual comments (not those from Instagram comment pods or doing follow to unfollow tactics!).

I’ve recently started to put a bit more effort into Instagram my account, which has allowed me to grow around 200 new followers a month and get more comments! Remember that posting on Instagram does mean that you can lose your content, along with any income if your account gets deleted. Read this post to see why you should turn your Instagram into a blog.

how to get better instagram growth in 2021 and real followers

Improve your Instagram growth in 2021:

Where I was:

I was losing a small number of followers consistently and hardly gaining any. I was posting almost daily, just what I wanted, mostly fitness videos or Leo. I was getting an average of 30 likes a post and hardly any comments, with the exception of photos of Leo doing well!

Where I am now:

Gaining around 200 followers a month, averaging 75 likes and 15 comments per post (according to social blade).

I’ve decided I want to work on my Instagram a bit more, both the quality of photos and engagement I’m getting. Here’s what I’ve done to improve my Instagram game!

how to get instagram followers in 2021 socialblade followers

Worked on my aesthetic.

I finally downloaded Adobe Lightroom and bought myself some pre-sets. I’ve been using VSCO cam for years, but I feel like it does ruin the quality of my photos a bit. Now I have a set of presets that are lovely and are helping me to create a ‘theme’ or mood on my Instagram.

Re-vamped my highlights.

I’ve had the same highlight covers for ages, over the last few months I’ve added more highlights but not put covers on them. I used Canva to create new covers for my highlights.

I also deleted some of my old highlights that weren’t relevant anymore.

how to get instagram followers in 2021 instagram bio

Changed my bio.

It’s been a while since I’ve changed my Instagram bio and felt it needed updating to reflect my current life!

I’ve changed it to let people know I am on a postpartum journey and sharing my meals in my stories. I’ve also changed my account so it lets people know I am a blogger.

Changed niche.

My Instagram has always been fitness based, but I’ve wanted to change this for a while now to reflect this website a little bit. I’ve not stopped posting fitness and workouts, but I am mixing things up a little to post more lifestyle content.

In general, I try to post one fitness-related post a week, one food, one to do with Leo and then another that’s lifestyle or other.

Planned my content.

I’ve not planned my Instagram content for ages, but I’ve downloaded the app ‘Preview’ that lets you arrange photos in your grid. This lets you see what your feed will look like.

I’ve been planning about a week ahead and with the help of preview, I can see which preset looks the best on my feed.

instagram tips blog new aesthetic

Engaged more.

This is the thing that I’d say has helped me the most. I’ve been commenting on other peoples Instagram posts much more by:

  • Commenting on hashtags I am using
  • Commenting on hashtags popular with my target audience (women aged 25-40 in the UK)
  • Commenting on posts of people I already follow (especially if the link my photos or watch my stories!)
  • Returning comments people have left me
  • Replying to comments
  • Replying to replies to comments I’ve left
  • Engaging more in stories

I try to leave meaningful comments and ask questions to get a conversation going, rather than ‘nice pic’ or ‘love this’.

When I find people that follow me and engage with me regularly, I will follow them back.

Setting realistic goals. 

Obviously, I’d love to get to that 10k goal, but I’m far away from that and with gaining 200 followers a month, that would take me years! So my goals have been smaller and more realistic, such as:

  • Getting at least 80 likes per post
  • Gaining 10 new followers a day
  • Getting to 3600 followers by the end of the week.
  • Getting 5000 followers by the end of the year.

This gives me something really actionable that I can work on!

Tag brands.

I’ve been sharing my food in my Instagram stories as part of my diet, which keeps me accountable in my weightloss journey, but also gives the brands a chance to share my content or maybe even reach out and work with me!

Hope these tips help you and your Instagram growth in 2021. Remember, the key is to gain real followers that actually engage in your content! Don’t forget to give me a follow here.  Happy Instagramming!


  1. I am really struggling with building my Instagram at the moment, tend to be losing followers and engagement rather than growing. Your tips have really helped to engage my interest in the platform again moving forward 🙂

  2. I don’t focus on my Instagram as much as Pinterest (time being the main factor, oops). And I don’t use stories either, so it sounds like that’s something to investigate at some point! Great tips though, thank you, and I LOVE your theme, it’s gorgeous. X

    Lisa |

  3. Love these tips! Instagram can be such a pain. I love taking and sharing photos, I hate the whole “keep-up” culture and the numbers chasing. My engagement goes through patches, some photos do really well, others do nothing. I’m mixing it up with Reels as much as possible but want my aesthetic to stay on brand. Good idea about changing the bio – I’ve nver changed mine!


  4. These are some really great tips, I’m trying to improve my Instagram as I’ve noticed my engagement has plummeted this year compared to this time a year ago so I think I’ll be implementing some of your tips.

  5. Some great tips! Been struggling with my Instagram lately, so will definitely be trying some of these out x

  6. Oh gosh, Instagram can be such a nightmare can’t it. I am glad to hear things have improved for you! I am still struggling.

  7. Fab tips and you’ve done really well – your feed looks fab! I’ve really struggled with Insta (all social media and the blog really) and I’ve focused more on engagement rather than numbers. But the numbers do get to me sometimes, especially when you lose followers on Insta when you want the number to budge upwards, but it never seems to! I’ve always meant to look into Lightroom and costs, so I’m glad you finally did and find it useful. I’ve started following you on Twitter & insta (@invisiblymeblog). I found your post as someone I follow on Twitter shared your post so I’m happy to have found a fellow UK blogger!

    Caz xx

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