Breastfeeding snacks for those cluster-feeding days!

Breastfeeding snacks have helped me get through cluster-feeding so much! Leo was 12 weeks on Thursday! One thing that is worth celebrating about that is…


Breastfeeding snacks have helped me get through cluster-feeding so much! Leo was 12 weeks on Thursday! One thing that is worth celebrating about that is that I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding since he was born. You can read more about my breastfeeding story here.

I knew I really wanted to breastfeed but also knew that it wasn’t always easy. Breastfeeding is very much a choice, not all women want to breastfeed and some do want to but can’t for various reasons. You hear a lot about breast is best’ or ‘fed is best’ but my niece said to me once that ‘informed is best’ which I agree with. Here in the UK, we have one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding as it’s not a thing we are really educated about.

Breastfeeding snacks for those cluster-feeding days!

It really is so important to ensure you know all the facts about breastfeeding and know what to expect. Many women give up before they need to as they believe they aren’t producing enough milk when their baby is crying and screaming at the boob, when in fact this is actually really normal and the babies way of upping your milk supply by getting your hormones going and hitting your breasts. It’s like ordering more milk for the next day because he’s going through a growth spurt or something! They also cluster feed, which is frequent feeding to up the supply as your breasts produce more when more is demanded. I have SO much to say about breastfeeding and will probably write some posts on it in the future.

Cluster feeding leads to spending what feels like ALL DAY with your baby attached to your nipple. This is where snacks come in handy! The first two weeks I had snacks around me all the time, especially at night. Now feeding is established, I usually have some cereal bars in the kitchen and one by the bed in case I need it at night, breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day so you do get hungrier than usual!

Breastfeeding snacks for those cluster-feeding days!

That’s where these belVita soft bakes come in. Made with ingredients like rolled oats, barley and rye, they give a slow release of energy to get you through those cluster feeding days when you’re having to grab snacks with your baby on you.

I had 3 bars of these delivered in the latest Degustabox, which I had as a snack while stuck feeding my little one enjoyed with Eolments vitamin tea to help give me a vitamin boost.

Here are some of my favourite breastfeeding snacks

  • fruit loaf
  • flapjack
  • bananas
  • crumpets
  • grapes
  • crisps
  • fibre one bars
  • peanut better and banana on toast with honey
  • chocolate

Basically, the perfect breastfeeding snack needs to be quick and easy! Also, I could pick healthier options but breastfeeding is so difficult and exhausting in the early days of cluster feeding that you really just need to eat what you fancy!

See what else was in this months Degustabox at the bottom of this post. Get £3 off Degustabox with my code: E1MWX

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  1. So true! Like you I was desperate to breastfeed and did so much research before hand. I’ve been feeding for 9 weeks now and I’ve had my good and bad days but so glad I did, it’s perfect bonding time for me and little one and selfishly I love that it’s only me that can do it! Definitely always armed with the snacks!! I should probably put the chocolate digestives down and have something healthier like this though!

    Ami xxx

  2. I need to get my hands on some of these snacks, even if not breastfeeding, and particularly the Passion Fruit Jaffa cakes! They sound dreamy!

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