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Our First Christmas with Leo!

That’s our first Christmas with Leo done and dusted!

On Christmas Eve, we went for a 5km walk. It was okay but Leo did cry a bit and walking that far was still a bit much for me, but it was nice to get out of the house and have some fresh air! We had cheese and meat with some salad for dinner that night, yum!

Christmas day was such a different day than normal. We opened presents – which were mostly for Leo. He’s still very young so didn’t really experience it at all, he was just breastfeeding! In the next few weeks and months, he’ll be old enough and alert enough to interact and play with his toys. I really cannot wait.

We changed plans on Christmas day, we were going to spend it alone but as the rules changed where you could only spend it with others on Christmas day, we invited my parents for dinner. It was nice that they got to spend their Leo’s first Christmas with him, but he was a fussy all day and cried a lot!

My partner cooked and we had lamb instead of turkey because turkey sucks. It was relaxed and low key.

When my parents left around 7 pm. Leo slept. He basically slept until the next morning apart from waking for feeds We managed to watch a full film without being disturbed!

We normally spend Christmas with just the two of us, so it wasn’t that different, we do like to go into York on Christmas eve for a couple of drinks as it’s always really quiet as there aren’t tourists there, but we didn’t because of Leo and Covid, we probably would have gone to our local pub though. Maybe next year…

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!


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