Home Gym Update #1

It’s happening guys! My dream is finally coming true and I am getting my home gym!

I’ve been buying bits here and there over the past few weeks and my boyfriend has cleared half of the gym and painted the floor meaning I can now actually use it! We also had to get electric to the garage to have lights. Although it’s still not complete, it’s so good to be able to use it!

Home Gym Update #1

Here’s what I have so far:

1 x 20kg Olympic bar
1 x 12kg Olympic bar
4 x 1.25kg plates
4 x 2.5kg plates
2 x 5kg Olympic plates
4 x 10kg Olympic plates
Large mat
2 x 3kg weights
1 x skipping rope
1 x weight tree for storage
2 x Olympic barbells

I’ve still got some things to come, my power cage is on the way, as well as some flooring and a step box. There are other things I would like but I’m making do with that for now!

I’ve always wanted my own gym and I’m glad it’s finally happening!

Home Gym Update #1 Home Gym Update #1

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