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Buying a sofa is hard work. It’s a big investment and you don’t want to end up with any old thing. We had been to look at sofas a few times in various shops and came away deflated. I’m not a fan of these new modern colourful sofa trend that’s going on at the moment. There were some sofas that were pretty horrific!

We went again a few weeks later and in DFS we spotted this beauty. I fell in love. We measured, found what would fit but we didn’t get it. We weren’t sure when we would get a sofa. We already had one, though it’s a corner sofa with the corner the wrong side for our room, it’s something we could cope with for a few months.

Then the day we got our keys, my boyfriend randomly said ‘shall we go look at that sofa on the way home?’. YES YES YES. I had been banging on about it for a while. When we got there, my boyfriend was so overwhelmed by everything that had gone on that day that he just let me buy what I wanted.

We got the three-seater cushioned back sofa and the cuddle sofa with a normal back. We could have gotten a two-seater but it would have gone all the way to the edge of the door and we didn’t want it to take up that much space. I also got a footstool.

My life is now complete. I love it!

dfs augustus sofa

dfs augustus sofa

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