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Buying a sofa is hard work. It’s a big investment and you don’t want to end up with any old thing. We had been to…


Buying a sofa is hard work. It’s a big investment and you don’t want to end up with any old thing. We had been to look at sofas a few times in various shops and came away deflated. I’m not a fan of these new modern colourful sofa trends that are going on at the moment. There were some sofas that were pretty horrific!

We went again a few weeks later and in DFS we spotted this beauty – the Augustus sofa. I fell in love. We measured, found what would fit but we didn’t get it. We weren’t sure when we would get a sofa. We already had one, though it’s a corner sofa with the corner on the wrong side of our room, it’s something we could cope with for a few months.

DFS Augustus Sofa

Then the day we got our keys, my boyfriend randomly said ‘Shall we go look at that sofa on the way home?’. YES YES YES. I had been banging on about it for a while. When we got there, my boyfriend was so overwhelmed by everything that had gone on that day that he just let me buy what I wanted.

We got the three-seater cushioned back sofa and the cuddle sofa with a normal back. We could have gotten a two-seater but it would have gone all the way to the edge of the door and we didn’t want it to take up that much space. I also got a footstool.

The Augustus material is a soft, suede-type material, but much softer and smoother. I love it! My life is now complete.

DFS does not sell the same Augustus sofa anymore, but there is one very similar known as ‘Cudworth’ which is made from the same Augustus fabric.

dfs augustus sofa
dfs augustus sofa


  1. The sofa you picked is lovely. I know what you mean about the brightly coloured and patterned sofas that are trendy at the moment. They’re not to my taste either

  2. I have been looking at the Augustus range as well. According to dfs, it’s a fabric sofa that looks like leather. Yours definitely looks leather! Could you please tell me which it is? Is it soft and squishy? What is it like to keep clean? Thanks for any advice!

    1. It is so comfy! Go sit on one in a DFS! It’s not needed cleaning yet but we paid a bit extra for cover so if there was a stain or anything on it will be professionally cleaned for us. I can’t remember the details but it didn’t cost much extra!

  3. Have you needed to clean your sofa as we have 2 children but love this sofa .
    Your opinion will help us decide what to do .

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