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Cartoons I watched as a child

I was having this conversation with some work colleagues the other day, it’s amazing the difference in TV shows we watched when our ages are…


I was having this conversation with some work colleagues the other day, it’s amazing the difference in TV shows we watched when our ages are just slightly different!

Here are some of the shows I watched when I was younger, what did you watch?

Bananas in Pyjamas.

When I was younger, I used to suffer from migraines a lot. This was painful and I hated it. I had the type that makes you feel like your head is going to explode and I would throw up.

The best part of this was being able to stay off school and watch TV. The only kid’s channels we had were CBBC and Cartoon Network. The show I remember watching the most was Bananas in Pyjamas. I don’t remember much about it apart from the theme tune.

Cartoons I watched as a child

The Worst Witch.

I loved the Worst Witch! I believe there is a remake out now but I always loved magic and boarding schools and that just seemed to bring my favourite things together.

The Odyssey.

I have no idea what this program was about. All I remember is that it used to be on Nickelodeon extra – when they added an extra hour of Nickelodeon between 7 and 8, before it switched to Granada. I believe it was some fantasy adventure type show. I remember loving it but don’t remember anything that happened. Did it even exist at all?


Tommy, the twins, Angelica! I think I was slightly over the ‘target audience’ when this came out, but I still loved it. I would watch the same episodes over and over again.

Sister Sister.

I always wanted to have a sister or a twin so this show was perfect for me. I dreamed of finding my own long lost sister one day. My best friend and I used to watch it and pretend to be them. It’s quite funny thinking back because my friend was the ‘clever’ one and I was the ‘daft’ one, but we wanted to play the characters that were least like ourselves, so I wanted to be Tia, the ‘clever one’ and she wanted to be Tamara, the ‘daft’ one.

We went to a family party together once and told some children we met that our names were Tia and Tamara. Hhahahahahahahhahaha.

Cat Dog. 

Another show I remember the theme tune to but don’t remember anything about the show, apart from it was a two-headed animal that had a cat and a dog head.

SMTV Live.

Before I started working, I used to get up every morning just to watch this! It was on from 9:25 am and it used to make me laugh so much. Hosted by Ant, Dec and Cat, they had celebs on doing silly things, the quest to find the biggest crisp and Chums!

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