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Cleaning up my Instagram account.

Here I am again to have a big moan about Instagram. I’m fed up of it. People buying followers, following and unfollowing, using bot accounts,…


Here I am again to have a big moan about Instagram.

I’m fed up of it. People buying followers, following and unfollowing, using bot accounts, spam comments and comment pods.

Since I decided to say ‘screw this’ and started doing my own thing with Instagram, I’ve enjoyed it a lot more. But there was still one problem – my engagement rate was LOWWWW at 1.33%.

To calculate the engagement rate on Instagram: (average likes per photo + average comments) divided by followers multiplied by 100 give you your engagement rate.

That annoyed me. Having 5335 followers, but only averaging 59 likes per photo and 12 comments looked, well, it looked like I had a lot of followers that didn’t engage with me. Which is true.

Looking into my following, there are lots of obvious spam accounts, bot accounts, fake accounts, inactive accounts, just random accounts that follow me that you can tell aren’t real, pyramid schemes, accounts that sell followers. Just crap. A mixture of using hashtag tactics, dabbling with follow/unfollow and just generally having a really old account, paired with the number of bots and people that follow to get you attention meant my engagement was shocking.

I’ve been getting involved in the fitness community, trying to make a few friends to get some genuine engagement and it’s been great! There are about 8 ladies who I now interact with regularly, but my high followers count vs engagement was still annoying me.

I decided to do something I have wanted to do for a long time, but have been a bit afraid to do.

I decided to go through and block all the trash accounts that follow me.

So far, that’s been about 500. My engagement rate has risen to 1.44% so far. I do hope to block more accounts and get it higher, as well as start looking at my followers who don’t engage with me and start engaging with them. There are many fitness accounts that follow me, post regularly but never like or comment on my photos! I guess I never show up in their feed. I’d like to change that!

So yeah, that’s my current Instagram plan. So if you go on to my Instagram and see I’ve dropped loads of followers, that’s why!


    1. I don’t like IG and wish I could just drop it out of my life. However, I have a blog and I love my blog and I do care about getting my posts out from just my hubby reading it so IG it is! I love the idea of cleaning up my account and one of these days I will. As is, I don’t really add so many accounts on there because when I look at the accounts that follow me, it feels insincere or it looks like a fake account. Can’t have 2000 followers with only 1 photo, if you know what I mean. I think you are doing a good thing and love that this post is super honest about the behind the scenes.

      Maureen |

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