What home improvements we have for our new house // The Garage

I know I keep banging on about my new home, but I am just so excited! Anyway, we’re already planning what we are going to…


I know I keep banging on about my new home, but I am just so excited!

Anyway, we’re already planning what we are going to do with it. As is a new build, we’ll be moving into it with plain white walls, so a blank canvas to make our home our home! My main focus is getting the garage sorted.

Basically, I want to make it into a home gym. I’m having half the garage to make into a gym and my boyfriend is having the other half for his bike workshop.

What home improvements we have for our new house // The Garage

I’m so excited about this, but there are some things we need to get sorted for it beforehand. The first thing we need to look into is getting the best ground protection mats. I’m going to be deadlifting so need something to cushion the floor. We are very excited to up our fitness game, my boyfriend can start using his turbo trainer again and will be needing a torque to measure his force if he gets back up to the standard he did before, was able to get some really high watts out on the bike!

The garage has no power to it either which is something we will need to sort for lighting. The unfortunate thing is that the electric box is on the other side of the house, so it’s going to be a bit of a pain to get power to it. Then we need to look at insulating it so it’s not too gold in the winter. After the flooring, power and insulation is sorted, we can get sorted on the fun parts – actually building my gym.

I’ve got a few squat racks/power cages I’ve been looking at but the one I get depends on the hight of the garage. Ideally, I’d like one with a pull-up bar but the one I’ve seen is 7ft, so I might need to get one without and have a separate pull-up bar a bit lower.

Then it’s time to look at mirrors. I want one on the back wall so I can check my form when squatting otherwise I don’t go as deep. Or maybe I do. Who knows?

Then it’s time to decide on what dumbells I want. They are expensive so I don’t know whether to get a set or get them in pairs. I tend to use 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg and 14kgs. So I could just get those for now and then get more when I need them. That’s still quite a lot though! I’m not going to bother with kettlebells or anything just yet. I would just like the basics and then add things slowly.

The Olympic bars and weights are also expensive and I’ve still to decide if I should get a set or get it all separate. I want the big Olympic plates so I’m thinking of getting a pair of 5kg, 10kg and 15kg for now, with some 2.5kg and 1.25kg plates.

I’m tempted to get a new scale, I do have on that does body fat but I’d like one that gives a bit more detail such as muscle mass, as that is my goal. There one at our gym but they need to get a service like this in https://atlanticscale.com/calibration-weights/weight-calibration-services/ to sort the scale out as it measures my weight and hight different each time, so I don’t really trust it!

It’s going to be expensive to start with, but I know it will be worth it when I can save time by working out in the garage in the morning rather than go to the gym, especially as my current gym is going to be further away from where I live now!

So yeah, that’s my plan for my garage. I don’t think my boyfriend realised what he was getting himself in for when he said I should make a gym in the garage!


  1. Of course you are making a gym! Such a good use for a garage too, I always get excited about the idea of having a garage just to turn it into something else!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I miss having a garage. We don’t have one at our new home. Home gym sounds like a great idea to me. I always exercise at home as I don’t like going to gyms.

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