Is Technology Making Education Easier?

Technology makes the modern world what it is. Of course, times change and constantly evolve as the world goes on, but there’s no chance we’d…


Is Technology Making Education Easier?

Technology makes the modern world what it is. Of course, times change and constantly evolve as the world goes on, but there’s no chance we’d have all the current advancements available to us en masse without the kind of tech there is behind them. Even just your own mobile phone is a portal to the world at large, and all the information, entertainment, and services you could ever need are right there in your pocket!

So it should only follow that technology is making education a lot easier to manage as well. From the early days of the Microsoft OS and dial-up to connect to the internet to the current touchscreen enabled, cross-platform, and multiple user applications we have today (which alone can turn a classroom into a digital hive mind), what we consider education has been changing since computers were first invented. Earning qualifications is more accessible, it’s more presentable to everyone who’s ever struggled inside a traditional classroom, and you can often take studying at your own pace.

And for such a fast-paced world, where everyone is feeling down and out over their chances in the job market, that’s invaluable. So without further ado,

Is Technology Making Education Easier?

You Can Reach More Teachers and Students

One of the main features of technology in the current day and age is the fact that you can reach anyone from anywhere at any time, and because of that, you really open up a platform of intelligence and wisdom. Sure, half of the posts you come across on social media can be pretty stupid or jokey, but there’s always the other half to peruse through and find some kind of relevant information in them. Whether you need relationship advice, a new way to cope with your emotions, how to bake a cake or whip up a recipe that’d fit well into a high-end gastropub, or an actual online course, it’s all at your disposal. Especially if someone on your newsfeed has linked to the source as well!

With technology at your fingertips, you can find new people all over the world, whether they’re looking for the same kind of information as you, or they have something to offer that’ll solve the problem you’ve come across. When you can reach people from all kinds of backgrounds, you’re going to have all kinds of perspectives on a matter, and you can pick and choose the ones you agree with or can work best with.

And when there’s entire chat rooms and message boards dedicated to collecting students together, whether you’re on a serious university or college program, or you’ve come out of education for any reason but still want to keep up, you’re going to find your own little niche of the web. Not to mention, the moderators on this site are going to be some kind of tutors or higher educated students – these sites always have some kind of academic prestige to them. Either way, you can collaborate with strangers in every corner, and can even make yourself some new friends to rely on whenever you need them.

You Can Automate Processes (like those tricky maths calculations!)

If you’re someone who’s quite technology savvy, then you already know the power of coding your own software, apps, and websites. And when you can manage this, you can manage any kind of automated process to make your learning a lot more efficient. A program you use to automate a calculation or a sketch or a variation manipulation you cannot accomplish alone at the moment can show you, on a regular basis, how to get stronger and stronger at the course you’re pursuing.

Not to mention, there’s all kinds of different coding languages and coding programs on the market, ones you can download straight from the internet on a trial basis before spending any money on it to make sure you can get on with the processes and terms involved, which allows you to pick and choose your learning style. Even free services such as Codecademy is worth a look, seeing as you can easily get to grips with the basics here.

Seeing as computer technology has had a long history inside the classroom, with laptops and tablets even being given out to Primary School students, it’s clear that you’re going to need to get to grips with the words used to run them if you’re looking to stay in education for the foreseeable future.

You Can Become a Lot More Charismatic

Charisma is something that usually comes to us naturally – the more we speak in front of a crowd, or head out to networking events, the more we learn to have a natural stage presence. But technology can do a lot to back up your charismatic journey.

Thankfully, this idea goes hand in hand with finding new friends from all across the world, but also in a more professional and corporate manner. There’s a reason most businesses implement their company into the market via the use of a network, and it’s because it’s a lot easier to get your product out to the masses via a platform that’s never-ending, with millions of active users at any one time. So it makes a lot of sense that presentations, advertising campaigns, and knowing how to implement any marketing application is something you can learn via technology.

No longer can you step on stage and convince a whole room whilst you’re stationary at a podium – you’re going to need something flashy and fancy to back you up whilst you do so. When you have a visual presentation, as well as a spoken one, you can offer your information out to an audience in a much more effective way, and those powerpoint slide transitions alone can up the production value by 10% at least! Even Steve Jobs didn’t have a perfect product to sell to the market when he first presented the iPhone – it was the clever presentation tricks that allowed him to convince the audience that his tech was worth investing in.

You Can Even Earn a Masters Online

A masters degree is incredibly useful in the job market, seeing as you’ve spent quite a few years gearing up to earn the qualification and wear it with pride, and any prospective employer will understand that. After all, the more you know about the job market, the better your education experience clearly went! Your CV will never be more decorated unless you fancy going all out for that doctorate, and even just posting your resume online will make you sought after and inundated with interview offers.

The online world is a popular market with quite a few hirers and hirees alike, with the world wide web allowing companies to reach the kind of skill and talent they need further and better than ever before. So, once again, it only makes sense that universities will take their courses online, in all forms and manners, for anyone to reach and sign up to. And a masters program is one of the best to look into.

If you’re someone who’s never got on with the idea of heading to Uni, or you’re someone who doesn’t want to fork out £30,000 of debt by the time you’re in your mmid-20sor 30s, then an online course is the most approachable option for you. For example, options such as the Kettering Online Masters are going be great value for your time, effort, and money.

Seeing as you’re learning online, and source all your own materials that can’t be downloaded from PDFs already presented to you, you’re going to have instant access, at a discounted price, and you can start and finish the course whenever you want to. Be cautious however: some online degree courses are higher rated than others, of course, and you can always use a recommendation or two to make sure you’re never willingly walking into a scam.

So, Are You Using Technology Properly?

Technology is very versatile, and you can always change your ways and time spent using your phone and your tablets and your video games consoles. After all, whatever way you decide to use technology is proper for you, but you should definitely be using it to bulk out your education and make it much easier to get on with and complete. We all love to learn, and we’re always going to be learning as we grow, and technology is going to be ever adapting and changing along with us – why not get started right now?

Technology has had a long history, from the early man being able to read by the fireside when they discovered how to strike a flint, to colleges in the 50s and 60s pioneering the scientific fields, and technology has a long future ahead of it as well. Make sure you’re jumping on the bandwagon to keep education as accessible and approachable as possible.

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