The Maven Leeds

The Maven Leeds

I had no idea secret bars were a thing. When we went to Leeds last weekend, my friend had a list of secret bars on her phone with instructions on how to get to them.

These bars were not advertised on the outside, so didn’t really look like anything. We went to the Maven, which was simply a double door to a staircase, upstairs was this wonderful bar.

There was a barman in the center making cocktails.

The cocktail menu is pretty unique. If you want cocktails that are a bit different and presenting in fancy glasses and cups, this is your place to visit.

We had to wait a fair while because before we came in, a large table ordered lots of cocktails. The barman gave us all a free shot to apologise.

It’s quite expensive, but it’s one of those places you might one to start before you get too tipsy so you can enjoy a nice cocktail!

The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds The Maven Leeds

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