The Instagram Experiment: Race to 10k Week 1

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the second post of my Instagram experiment – where I am trying to get to the elusive 10k followers. Check out…


Happy Sunday! Welcome to the second post of my Instagram experiment – where I am trying to get to the elusive 10k followers. Check out the first post here.

So, let’s see how we’ve done this week then!

The Statistics:

Just to be clear – these are from Wednesday – Tuesday and the likes/followers/comments are for what there was on last Wednesday – so likes and comments may have gone up since this. This is because I want to take the data from the same time each week.

Last week:

Followers: 5541
Average Likes Per Photo: 30.1
Average Comments Per Photo: 1.2 (yikes!)

This week:

Followers: 5569 (up 28)
Average Likes Per Photo: 80.8
Average Comments Per Photo: 9

Although 28 followers don’t seem that much, it’s actually pretty good seeing as though I usually lose a few followers a week! To hit 10k by the end of the year I need to be getting about 25 followers a day – which obviously is something I am really far away from. Maybe things will snowball at some point?

Very impressed by the average likes per photo and comments. Though the comments do include my replies.

Two most popular posts:

People love a transformation picture, right? Thankfully I have a few over photos I can put side by side with a current one to get a few more transformation pictures out. I don’t want to overdo them, but I might put on up next week and see how it goes!

How I did with goals:

Goal 1.

Send out 1 Tweet a day asking people to follow and engage with me on Instagram.

I nailed this one, simply by scheduling Tweets. But I didn’t get much attention with it so I’m going to scrap that one!

Goal 2.

Comment on 10 Instagram posts a day within my feed.

I’ve been doing this loads! It’s been good, I’ve seen lots of returned likes and comments and it’s allowed me to weed out those that don’t give me anything back, so I’ve unfollowed them!

Goal 3.

Follow 4 new hashtags and comment on any 10 posts from these a day.

The hashtags I am following this week are:

  • #thisishowIhueit
  • #thisprettyengland
  • #tinytinymoments
  • #puregym

This is to ensure I’m commenting on similar content to what I post.

I’ve been doing this with good results, although I want to change the hashtags I comment on this week.

Goal 4.

Review my hashtags and change them up.

As Instagram can see you as spammy and possibly shadowban you if you use the same hashtags over and over, it’s best to mix them up.

These will be my sets of hashtags for the week:

  1. #untoldvisuals #tinytinymoments #awakethenight #myhandsmaking #thisprettyengland #alittlebeautyeveryday #slowlived #daysofsmallthings
  2. #thisishowihueit #littlestorieofmylife #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #inspiremyinstagram #forprettyssake #alittlebeautyeveryday
  3. #petitejoys #everysquarestory #alifealive #thevisualscollective #liveathentic #aquietstyle #bybeautifulmess
  4. #fitinspiration #strongbody #trainmean #getfitstayfit #challengeyourbody #letsgetfit #girlswholift #gymtime #gymmotivation #gymaddict #applewatch #gymselfie 
  5. #instacycle #cyclingselfie #cyclingaddit #cyclinglifeagirl #womencycling #beautyofcycling #roadslikethese #iamspecialized
  6. #runstagram #runningday #runninggoals #runspiration #runstrong #womenrunning #womenwhorun #wearetherunners #justrun

Did this, going to keep them the same next week.

Goal 5.

Take more photos of me.

This is a difficult one but I’d rather be in the shot, but this week I’d like to be in at least 3 of the photos I share to Instagram as these do get more engagement!

Got great engagement on photos of me, so I’m going to try to do this more. Aiming for a photo of me every other day!

Goal 6.

No Instagram Comment Pods or Like Threads.

They are yuck!


Goals for this week:

Goal 1.

Follow 20 similar accounts and interact with them. I did this last week and got good results! Obviously, not all the accounts I followed gave anything back, but after a few attempts of engagement with nothing in return, they get culled. Sorry!

Goal 2.

Continue to comment on at least 10 photos in my feed a day.

Goal 3.

Continue to use the same hashtags from last week.

Goal 4.

Hashtags to focus on this week:

  • #puregym
  • #shinyhappybloggers
  • #discoverunder2k
  • #happyselves
  • #howtotransform

I’m hoping this will get me interacting with a few more bloggers, too.

So, that’s it for this week! Excited to see if I can increase results next week. Make sure you’re following me if you are not already!


  1. Love following these posts to see what works and what doesn’t. I’m definitely looking to increase my following so will be trying out some of these ideas!

  2. I have been loving your IG! I cannot believe I wasn’t following you before! I have been seriously absent on there recently and need to get back into the swing of it. I really struggle posting pictures of myself though, and I need to work on it, but yours is so fun! I love how motivating it is! 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I’ve been so excited for this post! I love how in only a week you are already starting to see some improvement so I can’t wait to see where the next couple of weeks take you! How do you keep track of/and find these hashtags? I feel like I would need a spreadsheet or something!

    Sarah 🙂

  4. I hope you’re going to do well and reach your 10 000 subscribers until the end of the year. I think this is a number that is impossible for me to ever get (if I launched instagram that is) but I think you have a great chance of doing so!

  5. I’m happy to see that you’re doing well with your instagram experiment! You’re obviously doing something right if you’ve gained some followers instead of losing like you usually do. Can’t wait to see how you do next week! Wishing you the best of luck xxx

    Melina |

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