Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery

Whitby Brewery started in 2013, with the mission to bring craft brewing back to Whitby.

Last weekend when we visited Whitby, we walked up the steps to the Abbey and decided to check out the brewery. It sells it’s own brews on tap as well as having some for sale in bottles to take away. You can also get a very small selection of wine and spirits if beer isn’t your thing.

There’s a seating area in the actual brewery, mostly beer kegs with cushions and pallets for tables. There’s an outside area similar, but of course, it was too cold to be outside over Easter.

I tried Saltwick Nap to start, which I loved and it was very easy to drink. I had half a pint of Jet Black after that, which is a darker ale. I wasn’t a massive fan of this as I don’t like dark ales, but the description made me want to give it a go!

We ended up buying a box of 3 to take away and will be back, hopefully, one a sunnier day!

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