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York In Snow

York In Snow

Hey did you know it snowed?

OF COURSE YOU DID IT’S ALL ANYONE SPOKE ABOUT FOR WEEKS. I’ve not seen snowfall like this for years.

On Tuesday, I went to work in the snow and it wasn’t too bad. It was coming down heavy in the morning but seemed to clear up in the afternoon. On the way back it was snowing on and off but nothing to write home about. The roads were fine.

The Wednesday I was working at 1 pm. I managed to get to my PT session in the morning and then the roads weren’t too bad going into work. But it pretty much snowed none stop from when I got there. I live 20 miles from work, so it’s not a case of being able to walk home if I can’t drive.

I was able to go home a bit early so left just after 9. The snow was coming down and I was driving around 10mph to be safe. On the A64 to York, it started coming down fast and thick. It was to the point where I could barely see in front of me. It was down to one lane from two, just basically following the tyre tracks from other cars. I couldn’t see any signs so had to put my sat nav on so I’d know when to turn off my junction. Mega doom.

I made it home safely, it took about 25 minutes longer than usual at that time. Yikes.

The next day I woke up at 6 am for work and outside looked grim. So I had a snow day after being put off driving in the previous night.

My boyfriend works in the middle of nowhere so had no hope of getting to work, so we went for a wander into York by the river and took some photos on my camera.

I met animals, yay!

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