How to get more involved in the blogging community.

I’ve seen loads of people on Twitter recently complaining about how they don’t feel part of the community. Throughout my 5 years of blogging, I…


I’ve seen loads of people on Twitter recently complaining about how they don’t feel part of the community.

Throughout my 5 years of blogging, I can say that there have been times when I’ve felt both very involved in the blogging community and very disconnected.

But what has driven these extreme swings?

It’s my behavior. 100% all down to me.

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Here’s me when I’m involved in the blogging community:

  • Joining twitter chats.
  • Retweeting and quoting people.
  • Replying to people.
  • Replying to my notifications.
  • Networking with local bloggers.
  • Commenting on new blogs.

Here’s me when I’m not involved in the blogging community:

  • Liking tweets people send to me.
  • Scheduling tweets.

You give what you get and I feel like a lot of people expect people to come to them. That’s not how it works. There are so many people who spend loads of time on social media and know lots of bloggers already – it can seem daunting and feel like it’s hard to be heard. But all it takes is some time and patience.

Make the first move.

On twitter don’t be afraid to reply to someone’s tweet or even get involved in a conversation that’s already going on. It’s a great way to get recognised and start making friends.

While you were away…

I love the ‘while you were away’ feature on Twitter as this always shows me the latest from the people I’ve interacted with before, so it’s a great way of keeping up with your friends and maintaining relationships.

Share share and share some more.

Sharing other peoples tweets is great for a few reasons, not only does it keep your feed full of new and exciting content, but it gets you seen by others. People are likely to remember you more if you retweet them so it’s a great way to start building and maintaining relationships if you’re a bit scared of jumping right in there!

A bit of a bonus is that they might share your content too!

Find local bloggers.

Try to make an effort with those bloggers that live by you. You never know when you might see them at an event. I also found that I naturally gravitated to those bloggers close to me on Twitter as we could talk about Leeds as a bit of an icebreaker.

Now I live in York if everyone is nnterested 😉

Be brave at events.

The scariest one EVER is trying to be brave at events. Go up to those bloggers you’ve spoken to on social media and say hi. It might be difficult and awkward but after a few moments, you’ll relax and feel a lot better.

If you’re nervous, try to meet someone who is going to the event before and go together. Also have a glass of wine lololol.

Good luck, you’re wonderful.


  1. This is definitely something that I’m up and down with – it’s the first thing I tend to fail at when I’m super busy, I just become barely active on Twitter and I notice the massive drop in engagement and also tend to be a bit nervous when I start up again haha!
    Amy xx

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