Framed Prints from HelloCanvas

Framed Prints from HelloCanvas

You know what is difficult? Taking photos of a photo in a glass frame. I’m sorry for the reflection – I did try several different angles to find the best shot, ha.

Anyway – as some as you know, I moved in with my boyfriend at the start of July. Since then, we’ve been slowly doing bits to our house to make it feel more like home. One thing that was missing was photos of us together.

You know what it’s like nowadays, we take lots of photos on our phones and they just get lost in the sea of photos in digital format.

I was recently contacted to review some framed prints by Hello Canvas.

It’s really easy to do – you just select what you want, pick the colour of the frame and upload the photos.

I used two photos from Instagram and I was surprised how well they came out. I was a bit worried they would be poor quality, but they’re great. We have them hung up on our bedroom wall.

The sell other styles than just framed prints, you can get canvas, posters and even photos on planks of wood which I think look awesome. I was tempting to get some on the wood but it wouldn’t have gone with our decor.

Framed Prints from HelloCanvas Framed Prints from HelloCanvas Framed Prints from HelloCanvas



  1. Gabrielle
    November 10, 2017 / 12:53 am

    You’re such an adorable couple! I love how much framed photos/art can transform a wall 🙂 Have a great weekend Corinne!

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