#socialbloggers 142 // Stats and numbers

I’ve asked this questions before in a chat, but I find they always get a lot of interesting answers and people seem to enjoy talking…


Numbers and Stats

I’ve asked this questions before in a chat, but I find they always get a lot of interesting answers and people seem to enjoy talking about their views on stats and numbers. So in the view of giving the people what they want, I went with the topic again.

Along with the fact that we’re on 142 chats now and it’s bloody hard thinking up new and unique questions and topics each week, so if you ever have any ideas for topics, hit me up yo.

My feeling towards stats and number change often. Current, I don’t care at all. I’m busy having a life and I know that means I don’t have enough time to work on blog growth, so I’m just going with the flow. But I go through periods of time when I’m very close to my numbers. That’s when I have time to sit down and really work at it. I’m sure that time will come again when I am passionate about page views and followers again! But just not today.

Numbers and Stats

Q1: Do you keep a track of any stats of numbers relating to blogging?

Q2: Do you think it’s important to be aware of your stats/views? Why/why not?

Q3: How do you track your stats?

Q4: Does reading about others progress motivate or demotivate you?

Q5: Do you have any goals relating to stats?


  1. It was interesting to read the different responses! I’m at a time right now where I can barely get blogs posts together so don’t have time to check stats which is a shame, I’d like to do more but I know I can get back into it soon when the boys are bigger.

  2. This is an interesting subject. I’ve been monitoring my stats for the last two years. My only goal is to have more followers each month, it doesn’t matter if only a couple of 100, just to have more. So far I did that every month. 🙂

  3. I used to check my stats a lot before and now I only check it once in a while. Sometimes I just check to see which posts are doing better so I’d focus on them more. x

  4. I go through phases too, but they coincide with when I have more time or not. So at the moment I am looking at lot but in a few weeks time when i’m on placement again I won’t be bothered at all! I think that ‘s ok because I definitely couldn’t be obsessed all the time, it would drive me crazy!

  5. I used to be obsessed with stats and numbers but that all changed last year because I was close to a nervous breakdown stressing about them. So no, I honestly couldn’t be arse anymore and just blog because I want to.

  6. I have a spreadsheet from a FB group I’m a part of that I update weekly and monthly. It includes Google analytic stats, Bloglovin analytics, Twitter, FB and insta. I don’t stress about it but I like lists and being able to see comparisons visually so it works for me. I don’t think there’s any actual purpose to it in all honestly LOL it’s just something I enjoy doing.

  7. It’s fun reading different point of views of bloggers, thanks for sharing this! I just installed google analytics recently. I want to level up my blogging and I think hits and stats are part of it all. I at least check my pageviews /hits once a day.

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

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