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How to get 1000 new Instagram followers in 30 days

How to get 1000 new Instagram followers in 30 days

At the start of January, I had 2055 Instagram followers. At this point in time, I have 6339.

I know you’re probably thinking – that’s not 1000 a month. Yes, you’re right. That’s because over the past month of so, I’ve been busy and I’ve not had time to do these tips consistency, so my growth stopped.

In January I gained 308 followers.
In February I gained 269 followers.
In March I gained 457 followers.
In April I gained 739 followers (starting using these techniques).
In May I gained 1064 followers.

I stopped writing my stat reports and tracking my stats after this because it just wasn’t fun anymore. But it’s something I want to start doing again.

You might ask me why I stopped doing these things if I was getting 1000 followers a month. It’s because it’s not a quick process and I have many plates spinning at once. When I’m busy, I don’t have time to do everything I want to do so some things have to slow down. Although it’s something I would like to start doing again, which is why I’m writing this post, I think. It’s more of a kick up the arse for me.

These tips do work, but you have to be consistent and set aside a bit of time daily to focus on your Instagram growth.

how to get more instagram followers

How to get increase your Instagram following. 

Get hashtag savvy. 

You can use sites such as tag blender and Instagram tags which can give you different hashtags to use in your Instagram photos.

Make sure you are using relevant tags, though. I tend to use the same ones and I don’t go mental.

A lot of people will use a normal caption with the photo, then post the hashtags in the comments. Although I have read somewhere that this isn’t as good as posting them in the actual caption. That’s something worth experimenting with and seeing if there’s a difference in results.

Join comment pods. 

There are many Facebook groups you can join to be added into a comment pod. Or you can start your own pod with some of your friends. It doesn’t have to be massive, 4-10 people is ideal.

A comment pod is basically a bunch of people that are in a direct message group on Instagram. Every time someone posts a photo, they let everyone else know and then people will like and comment on it.

This is good for engagement and will get your posts to show up higher in hashtag searches. This is because Instagram’s algorithm looks at engagement when pulling up photos, so photos with more likes and comments rank higher.

Like other photos. 

This is something that can be done when you’re watching TV. Simply search hashtags for things that you post about and like some photos (or even comment).

I tend to go on a lot of fitness based hashtags as I keep my Instagram rather fitness orientated.

You’ll find some people will like your photos back or even comment and follow. It’s a great way to find new people to engage with and if you keep interacting with them, they can become regulars.

Enjoy your feed. 

Make sure you’re following accounts that inspire you. It might be time for a clear out and unfollow people whose photos you’re not interested in and you find yourself scrolling past.

When you open you feed, you should feel motivated to want to comment and interact with the photos you see.

Give love back to your fans. 

On the Crowdfire app, there is an ‘Admirers’ section for Instagram. This shows you the people who are most active on your photos and lets you quickly like their recent photos back. This is a great way of giving something back to your loyal followers and making sure they’re not getting ignored!

Right then, after writing that post I’m feeling inspired to get back on track with Instagram myself!

Let me know your tips in the comments!

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