How to use buffer to quickly schedule tweets

I’ve mentioned Buffer many times on my blog in passing, but still get loads of questions about it, so I decided to do a full…


how to use buffer to quickly schedule tweets

I’ve mentioned Buffer many times on my blog in passing, but still get loads of questions about it, so I decided to do a full break down of how I use Buffer.

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to quickly and easily schedule social media content to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest (on paid accounts only).

how to use buffer to quickly schedule tweets

On the free version, you can schedule up to 10 posts. On the paid version (which I have) you can schedule up to 100 posts.

Though you can easily get by with only having 10 posts at a time in your queue, as there is also and app you can download to your phone that let’s you re-buffer, or re-schedule, your previously scheduled content.

I’ll also be talking about it’s sister site, which will help to ensure you never have an empty queue again in a different post.

how to use buffer to quickly schedule tweets

If you’ve not signed up yet, then head over to Buffer and get yourself connected up. Also make sure you install the toolbar installed on your browser, to allow you to Buffer any blog post or webpage instantly.

 how to use buffer to quickly schedule tweets

Now you’re set up, you want to set the times you wish to schedule posts. Go to the ‘schedule’ tab at the top of Buffer.

buffer schedule

As you can see here, I have mine set up to post 26 times a day. Lolz. I’m not even sorry.

You can set it to post the same time every day, or set each day to different times.

The next thing you are going to want to do is schedule some content. You can manual add in links, images and schedule them within the content section of Buffer itself.

schedule tweet in buffer

But there’s a much quicker way. This is where the tool bar comes in handy. Go to one of your blog posts, hover over any image on your blog and it will come up with a blue box that says ‘share image’. Click it!

share image in buffer

buffer from webpages directly

This will bring up the composer box which will have  :the page title, a link to the page and the image ready to schedule. You are then free to change the image, change the text and add in hashtags, pick which social media site you want it to go to and finally you can pick from one of the 4 options:

  • Add to Queue: This will put the post to the bottom of your queue to be shared.
  • Share Next: This will add the post to the next time slot that is going to be publish, bumping everything else to the bottom.
  • Share Now: This instantly publishes it to social media.
  • Schedule Post: This lets you set any time or date to publish it.

When you’ve added posts to your queue, they will show under the Content -> Queue tab like so:

buffer queue

Here you can shuffle them, move them up and down, edit them and more.

Buffer Analytics 

My favourite thing about Buffer is the analytics. Go to the Analytics tab at the top.

buffer social media analytics

This lets you see how many interactions the Tweet got. It also lets you Re-Buffer the post which sends it straight back to the queue.

My favourite function is to sort the post most popular.

buffer analytics most clicked

I sort mine into most clicks in the last 30 days and Re-Buffer those – as they’re the Tweets that have gotten me the most interaction.

The app is also handy for scheduling on the go – I tend to Re-Buffer posts here or if my pageviews aren’t that good one day, I might push out a few extra promotional Tweets to up my traffic!

Doing this gets me about 3000 referrals to my blog a month from using Buffer with my Twitter account (which currently has 7.5k followers).

buffer traffic

buffer blog posts for traffic

What do you use to schedule Tweets?

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  1. Ashamed to admit here that I don’t schedule tweets! I just haven’t got round to downloading anything for it and I’d probably promote my posts a lot more if I did have it!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  2. right now I am using Hootsuite, but you have me now downloading buffer lol Looks like I am swapping over! It just looks so much easier!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I just set my buffer account and started using it. I don’t think I’ll go for the paid version, the free one is great for me now (I’ve only been blogging for a month!). So far I like the fact that is very easy to use and takes very little time. You gave great tips and i think the analytics are the best part, along with the fact that you can quickly re-schedule some old tweet.

    Thanks for the post Corinne, and for all the tips on blogging! I’ve spent a good hour yesterday catching up with all the “blog tips” section 🙂 Great job!


  4. I love your blogger posts so much! Ive been using Buffer for a little while and have just downloaded the app, I love it! x

  5. I looove Buffer! I only use the free version, but I only post around five tweets per day so it suits me fine. I definitely see why the paid version would drive more traffic, though.


  6. I feel like a total weirdo here ’cause I don’t use Twitter 🙂 The truth is, I never liked it and so in the end I decided to completely stay away from it – my weapons of choice are Instagram and Facebook 😀

  7. Sounds like a good resource for scheduling. How you share twenty six times a day I’m impressed Lucy x

  8. Buffer sounds like such a time saver! I’ve been meaning to try it out. Thanks for the tips and the reminder! I usually just tweet on the fly since I like to share things I find interesting as I see them.

  9. Oh this sounds like such a great tool – especially with the images! I use hootsuite but it doesn’t tweet the image, just a link to it. I only post to twitter through hootsuite as otherwise it would be a barrage of tweets from me at the one time I get on a computer and have time to write tweets, haha! I don’t always get a chance to schedule stuff each week though so it’s often pretty quiet on my account. Might need to try buffer for the ability to schedule tweet with images!

  10. I loooovve Buffer. Love them. Since my blog still makes zero money, I just use the free version, but as soon as I start making a little something, I plan to upgrade right away. I did a week trial of the paid version when I had a story I really wanted to promote, and it really did make a difference increasing from five to 10 tweets a day. It seems like an awesome company to work for, too.

  11. I love buffer! I have recently signed to the paid version and it’s fab! Must install the toolbar though! Xx

  12. I’ve only just downloaded Buffer so this post is going to be really useful to me. Thank you!

  13. I already know how to do all of this as I self taught myself, BUT, now when I have people messaging me in confusion, I am sending them this link as it’s super straight forward and helpful!! Tania xx

  14. I use Buffer mainly because of you – I hadn’t even heard of it before then. 🙂 I don’t use the paid version but it’s really interesting to learn more about it!

  15. Hootsuite was my go to site for scheduling tweets but I’ve recently crossed over to Buffer and I love it. I don’t think I’m at the stage where I need the paid version yet but the idea of being able to schedule 100 posts sounds like utter bliss.

  16. Buffere is good but I mainly use Mass Planner to schedule my social media content. It’s pretty powerful than buffer. I searched you blog if you have mentioned it or if you wrote about it but could not find MP related content here. I would love to hear your thoughts about Mass Planner.

  17. I love Buffer. I need to get better at actually remembering to fill it though! I’m such a crap blogger at scheduling and promoting!

    Need more time in my life (I say this twice a day)

    Ally xx

  18. I’ve only just started using buffer after previously using hootsuite (omg why did I not change sooner?!) I’m only using the free version at the moment, but it’s so easy! And these tips just make it so much easier. I didn’t really understand the schedule times, but now it all makes sense.

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