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Google Analytics Basics 3 // Technology Your Readers Use

Hey guys, this is the third in the Google Analytics Basics series – and the final. I’m going to do some other posts, but they’ll…


google analytics basics

Hey guys, this is the third in the Google Analytics Basics series – and the final. I’m going to do some other posts, but they’ll be a bit more complex. We’re going to start talking about conversions, tracking links, setting and tracking goals and how to check your site speed then use Google Analytics to improve your SEO in further posts! So I hope you’ll be looking forward to moving away from the basics and into something a bit more complicated!

Catch up with the previous two posts here:

So part three is all about the types of technology people are using to view your blog on. You might wonder why you would care about that. Apart from just being nosey.

Well, it can be important to check how your blog looks on various devices and browsers to check for design issues and mobile responsiveness.

You can also separate information by device and look at things like bounce rate and time on site. If you have, for example, a high number of people viewing your blog from their mobile, but they aren’t staying on site as long as people viewing from a desktop or tablet – is there a reason why? Do you need to change something? Do you need to make your blog more sticky?

So let’s look at what different reports we can use to find out how are readers are viewing us!

google analytics basics


Audience -> Technology -> Browser & OS.

google analytics basics

This one is pretty straight forward and tells what browsers people are using to view your site on.

If you’re wondering the difference between Safari and Safari (in-app), Safari (in-app) is when you click a link from an app, like on Twitter or Facebook for example. Bounce rate tends to be quite high on referrals from Safari in-app as people tend to just interact with the link, then click back into the application. 


Audience -> Technology -> Network

google analytics basics


Audience -> Mobile -> Overview

google analytics basics

What mobile device are they using? 

Audience -> Mobile -> Devices

google analytics basics

For me, viewing data like this is more a bit of fun. But for some, it can flag up some areas that you might want to work on if you see a massive difference in how long, or how many pages people are viewing from device to device.

It can really help you decide on your mobile strategy and even more so if you do have some goal conversions set up towards earning money, for example, so you can see what converts best for your site.

So yes, we’ll leave it there for now as I need to get learning a bit more about these more complicated things I’ll be showing you shortly!

Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

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  1. You’ve helped me so much with these posts! Analytics is no longer a complete boggle of the mind lol. Cant wait to go onto more complex things now as I really feel you’ve helped me staple the basics.
    Thanks so much lovely x

  2. I never look at those stats. I know my blogs are optimized for mobile and pretty much that’s everything. :))

  3. Thank you for your posts on Google Analytics, I am finally starting to get a better insight into how to use the data on there and your guides are probably the best to follow with clear information.


  4. I was really hoping that you would do a google analytics post and now I find that you’ve done three! I just went through all three with my google analytics account and it really helped me FINALLY understand how to use it! Thanks!

  5. I agree that it’a interesting to see what platforms and devices people are accessing your site on. I started to delving into my GA more this week and some of the data has been quite eye opening.

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