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So what IS the best camera for blogging?

There are so many cameras for bloggers out there and figuring out which is going to be the best for you might be hard work….


There are so many cameras for bloggers out there and figuring out which is going to be the best for you might be hard work. You might be stuck between what’s convenient, cheap and what’s going to be better quality. It’s also quite confusing if you’re not familiar with cameras – which is the best type for you? Are you going to be out of your depth? What’s the meaning of life? Wait, let’s not get into this right now. We should probs just take a look at a few different types of cameras to see if they can help you decide what might work for you.

best camera for blogging

Types of cameras for bloggers

Bridge Cameras.

Bridge cameras, like one of the Lumix Bridge Cameras could be ideal if you’re new to photography, or if you’re looking for something with DSLR qualities but are not wanting to pay as much. Think of them as a bridge between a compact and a DSLR. They have a single fixed lens but offer a bit more portability than a DSLR – so could be ideal for travelling without having to worry about bringing big bulky lenses.

Most of them allow manual control, so you can select your own settings rather than rely on auto-modes. They tend to have quite a decent zoom, but the downsides are that you’re not going to get as high a quality as a DSLR, but it’s probably not going to be something you are going to notice much. They also don’t perform as well in low light.

Compact Cameras.

Compact Cameras are basically small, simple camera that has automatic focusing and exposure. Also known as point and shoot cameras. While you have less control over depth of field and functions, there are some manual functions so they’re a great way to start if you’re new to blogging and do not want to invest much into a camera if you’re still testing the waters.

They’re also great for carrying around with you and a lot of YouTubers use the Nikon Coolpix or Sony Cyber-Shot cameras for vlogging.


A DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is a camera that uses a mirror inside that flips up and down as you take the photo – this means that what you see through your viewfinder, is the image that is captured. Whereas with a compact camera, the viewfinder just tries to estimate the light so what you’ll see isn’t as accurate.

What DSLR’s are most known for, is the ability to change lenses to suit your needs. For blogging, this means you can get a 50mm lens that gives that lovely blurred background that we like when shooting product photos.

Another thing is that DSLR’s will have a larger camera sensor than smaller, compact cameras. The bigger the sensor, the better quality you’re going to get.

Of course, all these things come at a price and the entry-level DSLR cameras come in at around £350.

Compact System Cameras

These are also known as mirrorless or hybrid cameras. They are basically as DSLR but without a mirror and can sometimes have smaller sensors – but you can change the lens on them so you can still have a lot of creative control and get great quality images. Most CSC’s don’t have a viewfinder so it can be harder to take photos in the bright sun when you’re relying on looking at the screen. They also tend to focus slower than a DSLR so aren’t great for action shots. But in general, you’re getting a camera that’s great for taking out and about with you.

The most popular compact system amongst bloggers has to be the Olympus E-LP7. I have this camera and not only does it look the part, it takes beautiful images.

Phone Camera.

Phones have amazing cameras on them now and some are even good enough to use to take blog photos.

The photos in this post are done with my iPhone 6s Plus when I realised I didn’t have a camera to take a photo of my cameras with, duh. If you have good lighting and a nice background, you can take some pretty decent photos with your phone.

A lot of the time I’ll just use my phone camera when out and about and at events because it’s easier than trying to mess with the settings on a DSLR.

I tend to think that my iPhone camera works better in low light settings too – I’m forever going to events in bars where the lighting is bad, so end up using my phone instead of my DSLR!

Phone cameras are only going to improve over time so I’m sure in a few years, the best camera for bloggers will be simply their phone.

blogging camera, best blogging camera,

So that’s that then. A quick guide on blogging cameras!

I own a DSLR and a CSC as well as my phone camera. I have a few lenses for my DSLR, including the 50mm, but to be honest, I use the standard 18-55mm lens that came with it more than anything else. Now I know how to use my DSLR properly, I can get the effects I like with it and find that my images are just shapers on the kit lens.

I only use my Olympus for Instagram photos at the moment because you can import them straight to your phone. I’ve been to one event since I’ve had it, but I found myself wanting to take photos with my phone just because it’s easier. Honestly, I’d recommend a DSLR camera to anyone wanting to take their blog photos up a level. Though I do feel like I need to spend a bit more time with the Pen and experiment with it more!

I just keep going back to what I know, though.

What camera do you have? Are there any you have your eyes on?

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  1. I have just invested in a Nikon 5100 and a 50/1.4 lens.Now I just need to know how to get the best out of it! Some advice on how to set the camera for photos please!
    Laurie x

  2. I was made up when I finally got a ‘proper’ (in my eyes) blogging camera. I’m still getting used to all the settings and trying to concentrate more on manual so I learn more. It’s not easy but it’s fun! I kinda feel like there is no right or wrong camera for blogging, it’s all about what you’ve got, what you can afford and how good your lighting is! The one downside I found to flipping out my phone at events all the time is that some people suddenly stop taking you seriously. I went to an events fair last Christmas as the vendors only wanted to know/help the bloggers with the Canon and Nikon’s around their necks! It was so frustrating and kinda embarrassing! Granted it’s not always like this, but that moment really sticks out for me!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. Hi Corinne, great that you decided to post about cameras. I think it depends from a few factors. I started off with iPhone and it was a wrong decision since I had a perfectly capable Canon already at home. It took me a few weeks to convert but I am not looking back! Well, only at the photos that now I have to retake for this few posts that are not as great.

    Connect with me:

  4. It all depend what you comfortable with some people prefer their phone cameras for the convenience other prefer DSLR they already use to using.

  5. I have Nikon D3200 with two lenses, one of them is 50 mm (which I use it to take blog photos), I want to get a sigma lens. Phone cameras really improved lately, I remember trying to take photo with my Samsung E250 which I could see the pixels. What I believe is, you don’t need that expensive cameras to take good photos, well they make difference if you set it up properly but you can also take great photos with phones too. Pen cameras would be perfect for carrying around, instead of carrying a big DSLR. x

  6. I do use my phone for a lot of my photos. Unfortunately, blogger seems to lessen the quality of my photos 🙁

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  7. Digital single lens reflex, not slow. Some of the camera info is s bit out of whack too in terms of speed and sensor size. There are some great alternatives you could mention for different reasons. Meaning to be helpful, not snarky. Nice write up though from a blogger point of view instead of a purely photography point of view.

  8. Thanks for sharing!

    I have a fairly old Fujifilm bridge camera which is great as I’m not too good with most of the manual stuff yet, but I do love taking pictures with it.

    The only problem I have is batteries! I started out with 16 rechargeable ones and now I’m lucky if I can find 4 to put into it… If I do manage to find 4, I can absolutely guarantee that they will be flat!!

    I do tend to use my phone camera too, and along with VSCO cam, the shots aren’t too bad.

    I’ve not posted much on the blog for a while, but I’ve been following your series and frantically writing posts in the background, so hopefully I’ll have a stock of posts to schedule soon 🙂 Your 8 weeks series has been so helpful!

    I’d really love to get an Olympus Pen, but will have to wait until I can justify one 🙂

    Kate xx

  9. I really find my DSLR heavy so I use my iPhone pretty much all the time. I really wanna have a G7x though! My dream camera!

  10. I actually own the same Nikon camera as you, and I’m pretty sure I own the same lens as you as well. I got it for my 18th birthday years ago and it’s become sort of an arm for me. I really want to learn how to use it and benefit from it more as I feel I’m struggling most when it comes to photography.

    A good camera means your work is half way done when it comes to quality. It’s why I’d never start this blog if I didn’t own a good one. I’m dying to get my hands on the Olympus Pen one though!

    Ella x

  11. This was exactly what I needed to read! Have been debating between taking a DSLR travelling with us or just relying on my iPhone camera because it’s more convenient less to pack etc etc. Think am leaving more towards the phone now…but will prob end up taking both! Thanks for the run down!

  12. Hi Corinne. Great post! Do you still love the Olympus? Did you get the Pancake zoom version? I’m debating whether to get one for out and about photos. H xxx

  13. I really want to get into Blogging – and have followed yours for awhile now!! I personally love the G7x (renting one on Fat Lama) but hoping i’ll be able to buy one in the near future. It really is a dream camera Alissa.

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