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Being blog smart is a phrase I just made up. Well, I think I made it up anywhere. It’s possible I’ve heard it somewhere else…


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Being blog smart is a phrase I just made up. Well, I think I made it up anywhere. It’s possible I’ve heard it somewhere else and copied it but can’t remember. I hope not because I want to keep it as mine. I don’t even know what that means.

Well, anyway, being blog smart is to blog smarter, not harder. Now that’s a phase I have stolen from YouTuber Shaycarl:

Work smarter, not harder.

It’s about productivity, doing the most we can with the time we have.

I get a lot of questions about my productivity. People wonder how I run 3 blogs, work full time, workout.. to be honest with you, I’m not a very organised person at all. I just kind of do it.

blog productivity

The main thing I do to stay organised is to have an editorial calendar plug-in installed on WordPress. This serves as a visual of what posts I have planned, either in draft or scheduled. If I have a post idea, I’ll write the title and stick it in the schedule somewhere to finalise at a later date.

I also use Notes on my Mac to make a list of things I need to do that day. I love this as it syncs between my Macbook and desktop automatically. Everything else is in my head.

Like with everything in life, the more you do something, the easier it becomes as it’s just a way of life. The more you blog, the easier it becomes. It gets easier to articulate your thoughts, you come up with new posts ideas quicker. You learn to take photos in bulk, you schedule Tweets, you get posts to auto-post to Facebook, you work around your schedule and get better at time management.

You find what works for you.

Some people plan everything. Some people plan nothing. I think I’m somewhat in between, with half of my plans in my head, and half on a calendar or notepad.

Are you organised?

blog productivity

Q1: Do you class yourself as an organised blogger?

Q2: Do you use any apps to help you with blogging?

Q3: How do you balance blogging with the rest of your life?

Q4: Are you working on anything to help your productivity?

Q5: What is your best productivity or planning tip?

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  1. Almost all my blog are done ahead recipes when I have occasion and the guest find it delicious and agree if I should share on my blog. Great topic.

  2. So interesting to read the different answers to the questions!

    I go through periods of being super organised with the blog, and others where I’m not really very organised at all! I’ve got plenty of photos taken that I just have to get around to posting, so that helps as I can schedule in advance. I can only blog when baby naps so that doesn’t leave a lot of time, scheduling in advance is the only way I can maintain 3 posts a week haha!

  3. I use Buffer to schedule my tweets and on top of that, I use my Macbook calendar for everything else so I don’t lose track of the next post. Up to mid of last year, I never used anything to keep me on track, it’s pretty much impromptu but when I started to get more PR samples then I had no choice but to be more organized.

  4. I think I am organised enough to run my blog besides my fulltime job and writing a book :). I use blogplanners, notebooks and the Pocket app.

  5. Great post! I always try to be as organised as doing GCSEs, running a blog and writing a novel can mean I have a bit of a full plate! I mainly use my planner and wall planner and I write out everything I have to do in the day on a piece of paper and tick things off the list. I find that that helps me quite a lot!

    Jemima x

  6. I have never been an organised person, not even when I was writing my dissertation and I left everything to the last minute, I hate it! Being more organised and using time efficiently what I want to focus on, hopefully I will get better with being organised. When I am travelling back from work, I use my phone’s note to write down any idea, or write it to note papers when I’m at work(I end up losing them…). Being determined is important to make things good with the blog. x


  7. The questions for and ideas from the #SocialBloggers were all excellent! I’ll probably keep coming back to read this post as I feel it will help my blogging. Additionally the #SocialBloggers answering the questions have blogs that are fun to read and explore.

  8. this is a very helpful article especially for a new blogger like me. Thanks for sharing, Corinne! 🙂 New reader here 🙂

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