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The 89th #socialbloggers Twitter chat! Can’t believe we’re still going with these chats!. It can be hard work thinking up topics when you’ve covered them…



The 89th #socialbloggers Twitter chat! Can’t believe we’re still going with these chats!. It can be hard work thinking up topics when you’ve covered them all before, but we keep managing it!

This week we spoke about writing posts – topics, frequency, inspiration and the like.

My favourite types of topics are to write are personal posts and writing about blogging. Though to be honest, I find it hard to think of ideas for personal posts that aren’t just me ranting about nothing. But I’m working on that.

I’m generally never stuck for content ideas, but what I do find difficult, though, is time to fit it all in. If time wasn’t an issue, I could probably post 3 times a day!

I struggle focusing one task and I find myself constantly wanting to promote, to write, to take photo, to learn new photoshop skills, to read blogs, to research, to tweet, to Pin.. ALL AT ONCE.

I get by though. I make it work but I could make it work better!

What about you?


Q1: What are some of your favourite topics to write about, on your blog?

Q2: When you feel uninspired to make blog content, what do you do to get inspired?

Q3: How many times do you post per week? Share your schedule with us

Q4: Is there anything you’re struggling while making blog content?



  1. It is really hard to come up with ideas and it is what I struggle the most. I don’t always want to talk about a certain beauty product, so I’m trying to be more creative (it is not easy). I wasn’t really consistent with posting but now I made myself a new schedule and hopefully will be posting Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
    Whenever I am stuck with ideas, I check Pinterest or magazines, it kinda works. Taking photos in winter is pain… I have to take photos at the weekend so I can use day light.


    1. I’m glad to see you’re going to be posting more! You always write beautiful posts with stunning photos but I’ve noticed that sometimes you go a while between posts! Hope you enjoy your new schedule!

  2. I absolutely loved this chat! It was without any doubt one of my favourite chats ever and I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  3. It’s fascinating to read the answers. I wonder if my readers would prefer a regular schedule for posting, I mean dedicated days. At the moment I’m posting every other day, but it depends if I have something to share or not.

  4. This is great. I like talking about products, even though I haven’t done it in a while. Also art and anything quirky as there are a lot of blogs that talk about the same things, it’s gets boring, so it’s nice to find random unseen things to talk about x

  5. I do feel that I’m struggling the most photography wise, and I’m never happy with how they look which affected me posting on time today because I was just uncertain. But then I thought, what the hell, am I really strugging with these posts photos, or how I look in them? That is something I can’t change so I went ahead and did it anyway.

    Writing posts wise, I’m trying to be more creative with that one too and I’ve been planning and planning because I know I started my blog to help other women out there feel more confident, and if I can help, then I’m happy. It’s what I love doing. But I think these things come with time. I’ve just barely started blogging and I still have so much to learn that I just go with the flow. I know I’m slowly getting better.

    When I do struggle though, I try to distract myself. I listen to an audiobook, I read either blogs or books, I listen to music and dance around like an idiot, and I go on pinterest. They have so many roundups of things we can do and writer about, and things we’re passionate about.

    I’m passionate about so MANY things. We can only get out of the funk if we’re focusing on other things.

    Anyway, you’re a brilliant blogger and I hope you know I love you. And thank you for featuring me babe.

  6. This was so helpful! I’ve not really joined in with a Twitter chat before but this has definitely motivated me to join in next time. Everyone’s responses are so helpful and different!

  7. What a great read! I love hearing about what other bloggers enjoy writing about the most, as well as how they seek inspiration. I find Instagram is a massive source of inspiration, both accounts of bloggers or otherwise!


  8. I post 3 times a week and constantly struggles to find the perfect balance which led me to think I need to cut down my posting frequency soon. As for inspirations, I usually read other blogs or just take a break and go out for a walk.

  9. I think my biggest worry as someone who’s about to jump back into the blogging train is: how long do people think blog posts should be? Words wise, I mean. When it’s too much or too little. My blog is going to be about my traveling, food, and my relationship with fiction (as a writer in the works, I often will talk books, movies, tv shows, etc), and I find that some of these topics require, well, at least some works to make a point at all.

    It’s super interesting reading how others approach blogging though. It does help put my own ideas in order. I used to blog (blogged for years) but the landscape has changed much, and I did so in the Spanish speaking blogosphere anyway, so it’s bound to be slightly different. So yeah, very helpful, thanks!


  10. What an interesting post! I love how you tagged each Twitter profile, you are an all-star! Thanks for the inspiration 😉


  11. I really enjoyed reading this one! I think sometimes we do worry about things getting staid and stale! This Sunday, I wanted to post but didn’t have time to do much so I just did an ‘I am…’ post that said how I was feeling and people seemed to like it! I always want to have a balance of different things but it doesn’t work out like that!x

    1. It’s good to experiment with new posts! I’m glad people like it, even if it was different to your usual ones!

  12. I loved reading through this post. Really helpful! I have currently just come out of an uninspired blog writing moment. I’ve realised I love writing about food and taking photos of my creations, so maybe that’s the avenue I should focus on.

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