Flamingo Land Rides & Zoo

Last week, it was Stephanie and Caroline’s birthday. Because theme parks seem to be our thing, we decided to spend the day at Flamingo Land…


Last week, it was Stephanie and Caroline’s birthday. Because theme parks seem to be our thing, we decided to spend the day at Flamingo Land going on some of the Flamingo Land rides.

I’ve not been to Flamingo Land since I was young. It’s a popular theme park and zoo in North Yorkshire. Because I don’t want this post to be too photo-heavy, I’ll save the zoo section of our trip for another post!

Vouchacodes are my best friend. So as we didn’t fancy paying the full £37 for a day ticket, we scoured websites such as VouchaCodes and eventually managed to find a deal where tickets were 2 for 1. So we only paid £16.50 each! Woo.

Flamingo Land

The rides at Flamingo Land are not for the faint-hearted. I like to think I’ve upped my game when it comes to rides, but there were still 4 that I didn’t dare go on! The Cliff Hanger, which is one of those rides that shoot up and just drops you, Kumali, a massive roller coaster that goes upside down and twists, Mumbo Jumbo which has 119 degree drops and hangs you upside down and Flip flop, which is the big yellow claw that spines you around and upside down.

I kind of wish I had gone on Kumali now – it looked so much fun but the upside-down part really put me off!

Flamingo Land flip flop
Flamingo Land flip flop

Flamingo Land kumali

Flamingo Land Rides

Here are the rides we did go on though:


BEST RIDE EVER. You sit on motorbikes and it goes from 0-60 mph so fast. You have no idea what’s hit you. I felt like my body wasn’t going to keep up and I would just die or something. It’s horrible and exciting and scary and fun all at the same time. Went on twice. Velocity Flamingo Land, you’re the best!


This half-pipe disc ride spins you around while going up and down. While at first, it seems quite slow, when it gets fast and you get the feeling you’re going to run off the tracks, it can make you feel a little nervous.


Laid on your front, face first, you’re ‘flown’ around the track, spun around like a superhero. What a strange ride. I liked it! I thought this was going to be Flamingo Land’s scariest ride, but it was alright!


Woo! Pirate ship! Nothing makes your stomach tingle more than good old pirate ship. They’re always so much fun. I really enjoyed Flamingo Land’s Voodoo ride!


I kind of had to beg Christine to come on Pterodactyl with me. It’s a swing that goes up and spins around really fast. It seriously is scary when you get up there and start getting all the mind talk about how you’re just being held on by metal cables and if they snapped, you’d have no chance. The view was beautiful though but it’s so high and scary!


This was actually rubbish. Kind of like Animal Kingdom’s Primevil Wave and Lightwater Valley’s Twister, it spins around while going around the track. This was a milder version though. Younger kids would probably like it though.

Some of the rides I didn’t go on at Flamingo ride include: Flip Flop, Kumali, and Cliff Hanger.

Flamingo Land hero
Flamingo Land navigator
navigator flamingo land
Flamingo Land navigator
navigator flamingo land
Flamingo Land voodoo
voodoo flamingo land
flamingo land Pterodactyl
lamingo land pterodactyl
flamingo land Pterodactyl
lamingo land pterodactyl
flamingo land Pterodactyl
lamingo land pterodactyl
flamingo land velocity
flamingo land rides

Woo, theme park fun, do you like Flamingo Land rides? 😀

No onto the second half of my Flamingo Land adventure – the ZOO.

For those of you that don’t know, Flamingo Land is a theme park and zoo in North Yorkshire, it’s quite popular with people around the area and I’ve been before when was younger, but can’t remember much!

Flamingo Land Zoo

It’s strange how you forget this so easily. I thought I could remember parts of Flamingo Land from the last time I went, which must have been in my early teens.

Nothing seemed familiar about it. I thought the Zoo part was a safari, where you drove around in your car! We used to go on so many holidays to places like this when I was younger that they merge into one!

Anyway, the zoo section is quite large. It houses many animals – giraffes, tigers, lions, and monkeys. There are birds, reptiles and even an aquarium with different types of fish in!

There is also a Sea Lion show that plays a few times a day. I love me a sea lion show. Though this one wasn’t the best show I’ve been, it was cute enough!

Have a look for yourselves at what there is to offer…

Flamingo Land Zoo giraffe
Flamingo Land Zoo giraffe
Flamingo Land Zoo rhinos
Flamingo Land Zoo giraffe
flamingo land zoo donkey
flamingo land zoo pony
flamingo land zoo chickens
flamingo land zoo flamingo
flamingo land zoo
flamingo land zoo ostritch
flamingo land zoo penguin
flamingo land zoo penguin
flamingo land zoo sea lion show
flamingo land zoo sea lion show
flamingo land zoo sea lion show
flamingo land zoo sea lion show

Do you enjoy Flamingo Land rides or do you prefer the zoo section?

My favourite rides was Velocity Flamingo Land – 0-60 was itense!



  1. You really are the theme park queen. You have been to so many recently. I have had a few friends go to flamingo land and they raved about it. Sounds like a good day out if you like rides Lucy x

  2. OMG I would totally freak out on those ride – I have never been on any theme park rides before even though we have on here in SA I am just so scared

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Ok so a confession – I am so freaked out by rides, but even with the phobia this looks like so much fun xx

    Mehreen A | wrapyourlipsaroundthis.com

  4. Woohooo, all the rides are absolutely kind of fun!
    I bet you really really had an amazing day at theme park, and still cant get over it even when you’re heading home hihi..
    THe rides looks scary to some, but its fun to try, isnt it?

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

  5. This theme park looks amazing, I sure am in the mood to go to a theme park now ! hahaha 😀

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  6. You could do a compilation of the best theme parks, Corinne! Velocity and the motorbikes sounds intriguing

  7. Let me just say this now, you are my type of girls. I’d so hang out with you guys :). I love roller coaster but haven’t had the chance to go to this summer. But summer isn’t over, so i hope I’ll go soon. Love these photos.

    Kia / House of KTS

  8. Sounds like such a fun day! Some of the rides sound so bloody scary! !! I don’t think I would dare!- SO I guess we’re 2!
    Jade xx

  9. Ok they are not the type of rides I was expecting at Flamingo Land, rather big! I may have been here before or could have been somewhere else where there were loads of Flamingos. If this place even has Flamingos? By the name I’m guessing yes . . . But you never know! x

  10. Looks like you had a great day! I probably saw you too as I work there in the shops, it’s a lovely day out, I’m going today! (For free may I add) *winky face*


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