The Bodyshop Fuji Green Tea Range

The Bodyshop Fuji Green Tea Range

The Bodyshop have been coming out with some fantastic ranges lately. They released their Smoky Poppy range just before valentines day and added more products to their already popular vitamin E range for Mothers day.

The latest range is Fuji Green Tea, designed to revive your body and mind.

There’s 9 products in the range – the usual type of products: lotion, a scrub, soap, shower gel and fragrance.

But then something not quite as usual. A tea bath, anyone?

The BodyShop Fuji Green Tea Range


I wish I could describe what this smelt like. It’s deep, intense and earthy. It’s a strong scent that reminds me of being in a spa. I was sent some products from the range to try out, here’s what I’ve been using:

Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet

Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet

This light, refreshing moisturiser is a great way to keep your skin soft. It glides on your skin beautifully and leaves behind the most luxurious scent.

It makes me want to put this on after a bath, or shower, then climb into a freshly made bed and sleep forever.

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea Infuser

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea Infuser

This adorable little infuser pot is for putting the bath tea in, then popping it into your warm bath to evenly defuse the bath tea.

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea

Fuji Green Tea Bath Tea

This is probably the star of the show. BATH TEA HELLOOOOOOO?!?!

I was wondering what this would be like. In my head, I had imagined actual tea leaves. It’s more like bath salts with tea leaves and it smells amazing. As soon as you open the pot, the smell hits you. If there was an air freshener in this range, I’d love to have it in my room.

You put some of the tea inside the infuser and relax. The infuser isn’t necessary, but it stops you having to wash out the bath afterwards.


Matte Katal

Matte Katal bodyshop

They also sent me this white liquid eyeliner which I can’t wait to try out, but I’ll save that for a separate post..

Click the image below to check out the full range for yourself.

Have you tried this range yet? Is it a winner for you?


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