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Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer

smashbox photo finish

Another post about Corinne talking about how wank her skin is.

I know you’re excited.

So, here’s the crack. My primer ran out and I wanted a new one. Primer is definitely one of those products I don’t mind splurging a little on because it lasts for months.

This costs about £28 and is for dry skin, like mine.

smashbox photo finish primer review

It contains hydraplex12 extract from desert plants which helps quench parched skin and keeps it hydrated as well as filling in lines and pores.

Sounds like the perfect base for your foundation if you’re a dry person, like moi.

I have the type of skin that feels tight and will flake if I don’t moisturise it after cleansing. It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone. Wait, I said that sentence wrong. What I meant was: it’s not unusual for my skin to have visible dry patches.

Now Tom Jones is trapped in my head. Boo and hiss.

smashbox photo finish primer review

I have terrible news.

I’m not won over by this product. It was a good base and my makeup did last all day. But I didn’t feel like it smoothed out pores and lines. Not like Benefit’s Porefessional which instantly blurs your skins imperfections.

It did ziltch for my dry skin, too. I still had dry patches on my forehead. And I’ve still got Tom Jones in my head.

It’s a terrible day.

smashbox photo finish primer review

I’ll use this up and hopefully get a new one in a few months – I’m thinking of Instablur from The Body Shop – what do you recommend?


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