The Body Shop Drops of Youth

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

Ahh, drops of youth. Doesn’t it just sound amazing? It’s almost magical. Like a potion out of a story that promises to take years off your life.

The drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask has always appealed to me. I love the name, I love the packaging and because it’s quite a bit more expensive than most skincare products from The Body Shop – it must be brilliant, right?

Though I must admit, it’s not something I was willing to splash out on. I was sent this when I was asked to review The Body Shop’s new Poppy Seed range. Happy days!

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

So, the bouncy sleeping mask is to be used before or after serum before bed. I’ve been using this after cleansing with nothing else. Though I’ve heard of people using it on top of moisturiser, I don’t feel like that’s needed.

The mask contains Edelweiss stem cells and is supposed to nourish your skin over night, leaving it looking fresh, brighter and younger.

I was a bit of a skeptic at first. It did have the potential to be one of those products that you expect to be amazing, but turns out to be just a tub of wank. Not literally. I hope. Kinda like the Alpha H Liquid Gold which held so much promise (but in the end I just felt like I was putting nail varnish remover on my skin).

I paid like fifty quid for that bottle if shit, too. Not impressed.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

This mask is described as bouncy. And it is! It’s a bizarre consistency. It’s like jelly. You can tap it and it wobbles.

There is a scoop in the box to help you get the product out, but I find getting a small amount out with my fingers does the trick.

As soon as you get it out, it starts to liquify. It’s as if your body heat triggers it to melt, then you can apply it into your face like a cream.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth

I’ve fallen in love with this. I didn’t think I would, I’ve become a skeptic as the majority of products I’ve been trying lately have been a let down. But this has become something I’m turning to almost every evening. My skin just feels healthier and fresher in the morning.

And it’s not triggered any breakouts! Woo!

If your skin looks a bit dull and tired, you should give this a go. I could see and feel the different after just one use. Though it’s expensive for a small pot, it is 90ml and you don’t need much. I’d expect to get about 3 months out of this at least!

It’s not made any difference to scars or pore size, but it doesn’t claim to. It also does feel a bit tacky in your skin for while, so you might want to put it on 30 minutes or so before you go to bed.

Have you any tried any of the drops of youth range?

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