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New Loves // Provocalips

provocalips review


You know something that I’ve always had issues with?

Lip colour.

I was always scared of it looking too bold. Or that I don’t look old enough to wear it.

I end up feeling like a 7 year old wearing me’ Mums lippy and pretending to be an adult.

I’m 28.

One of the biggest things that makes me not want to wear lipstick is that is smudges. I end up with it all over my face, on the rims of cups and on my hands.

So I always avoided it unless I was going out. Or doing outfit photos (we’ve all done it 😉 ).

I managed to get my hands on some testers of Provocalips for £1 each! They were unused and had a sticker on the side that said ‘tester’. I just peeled it off and you can’t even tell.

provocalips reviewProvocalips says it lasts 16 hours. I’ve not seen them a lot of blogs so I had no idea if this claim was true.

One day, when I was dicking about at home and not up to much, I decided to put one on and see what happened.

I applied it at about 11am and then went about my usual business.

I drank multiple cups of coffee, I worked out and had a shower. When I got out of the shower, which was about 8pm, I realised that the colour was still on my lips.


It hadn’t transferred onto any cups, my hands or smudged at all. It was completely dry and looked exactly the same as when I first put it on.

I’ve been wearing it every day since that day. I’m converted. 100%

Provocalips is double ended, one end with the colour and the other end with a clear gloss. As I prefer matte lips, I skipped the ‘lock and shine’ clear gloss and the colour still was locked in enough without it.

It’s hard to get off though – I’ve found the only way I can remove it is with waterproof eye makeup remover, and I still have to scrub quite a bit!

Here are the shades I got:

Provocalips: Kiss me you fool.

This is a bright red. It looks really bright when you first apply it – verging on coral/orange, but then dulls down. I still find this is a bit too much for daily use, but hello New Years Eve 😉

provocalips reviewprovocalips review

Provocalips: Skinny Dipping

This is a nude shade, which I’m not really a fan of as I think it makes me look washed out, but I would use it as a base if I wanted to wear some shimmer/glitter on my lips.

provocalips reviewprovocalips review

Provocalips: Make Your Move

This is the star of the show. I love this colour so much. It looks quite brown from the colour of the tube, but I find it’s a bit redder/pinker when applied on the lips.

This is the one I’ve been wearing every day.

I’m now 100% converted and I’m going to repurchase this before it runs out.

provocalips reviewprovocalips review

Have you ever tried Provocalips before? What did you think?


1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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