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Nike Zoom Elite 7 // from


I was asked to review a pair of trainers from Now, this is a site I feel like I should have heard of before! They have so many shoes for many different types of sports, as well as sports clothing.

As you know, I’m really into my fitness and running is one of the things I love. After the three 10km races I took part in in 2014, I’m planning to run those three again, plus take on Leeds half marathon so I really wanted to get some new running shoes, as the ones I were using were basic cheap ones. I bought them based on how they looked – and after taking them out for a test run and getting pain in one of my legs, I quickly learnt that this isn’t the best way to buy running shoes!

I scrolled through the website and selected some I liked the look of, then read the descriptions on the site. I settled on this pair.

DSC_0969They were delivered two days after I e-mailed back and I absolutely love them.

Not only do they look great, but they fit my perfectly. They are very light weight (only 232g) and the toes feel cushioned, without being restrictive.

My favourite features of the shoes are the deep horizontal flex grooves which makes running seem much easier, almost like having an extra push while out on the streets.

When I first got these, I put them on and wore them around the house for a few hours to let my feet get used to them. Or should I say, let them get used to me. These shoes have dynamic fit technology, which means the shoe basically moulds to my feet as if they were made for me.

I’ve been out for a few runs now and I’ve had no discomfort or pain. Well, apart from the emotional trauma of running through a muddy puddle in my lovely, bright new running shoes!

As Lilly, my housemate said ‘The look like proper running shoes an adult would have’. 

Sometimes we forget we’re adults, I did have to remind her that I’m 28 now…

DSC_0971 DSC_0973 DSC_0974 DSC_0975



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