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Skinetica Review // New Spot Fighting Fav!

I managed to get hold of a bottle of Skinetica at #LeedsMayMeet a few months ago. Then, at #BlogYorkshire back in July, there was another…


skinetica review

I managed to get hold of a bottle of Skinetica at #LeedsMayMeet a few months ago. Then, at #BlogYorkshire back in July, there was another bottle of the stuff in my goodie bag. The packaging had changed, but it was the same thing on the inside (like humans, we’re all the same on the inside.. ahhh). This made me curious and decide to start using it.

I’ve never heard of it before, but I quickly checked on Amazon and read the reviews. They excited me a little. They were all really impressive, claiming this product really worked to clear up peoples skin.

skinetica review
I’m not an idiot. Well, I’m not an idiot most of the time. After the whole Alpha H Gold saga, where I wasted £40 on my hard earned cash on what seemed to be simply water that tingled a bit, I was still feeling a tad skeptical.

I started using it a morning and in an evening. Applying it to my skin with a cotton pad and letting it dry.

It says on the bottle that it’s anti-blemish. It soothes, calms and clears.

skinetica review

The ingredients are:
Purified water, ethyl alcohol, fragrance, quaternary ammonium chloride.

It acts as an anti-blemish treatment, a toner to leave any dirty and make-up other products leave behind and a make-up base.

I have to say that I’m impressed with the results! My skin is so much clearer since I started using this. It’s just so easy and simple to add to my skin care routine. I did have a few breakouts around my period though, but they seemed to clear up quicker than usual.

I went through a few bad days last week. By that I mean: 3 out of 4 nights I didn’t use it and I’m paying for it now, my skin reverted to it’s spotty self – so it proves it does work at keeping them at bay!

The only downfall is that it’s quite pricey and I’ve gone through the first bottle quite quickly. It’s around £8 a bottle on Amazon for 80ml which lasted me around 2-3 weeks. The new style packaging is only 70ml and retails for around the same, give or take 50p or so depending on the seller.

skinetica review

I’m going buy this again and I’ll probably keep re-buying. I’ve honestly not felt this excited about a product for a long time and I’m very happy to now have this as part of my skincare routine.



  1. I much prefer the old packaging – I’ve never seen it before. It looks much better, the old stuff looked a bit plain and unexciting! x

  2. My skin goes through phases and breakouts normally around my chin. I could do with a product that works in reducing blemishes. This sounds good and at £8 is worth a punt. Thanks for sharing Lucy x

  3. Totally agree with you – Im a massive fan of this product!! Didn’t realise they’d changed the packaging but loving the new blue bottle!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays…

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