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Essence Make-up Haul

Essence Make-up HaulA few weeks ago, I saw somebody mention on twitter that they had found the ‘essence range’ in Wilkos. I did a bit of digging and couldn’t really find much information about it.

From what I can gather, essence is a cheap brand that is new to the UK and is being sold in Wilkinson stores. It is currently popular in many other countries and is the number 1 make-up brand in a number of them.

I believe it’s aimed at the younger market and the items I saw were between 99p and £3.50.

I went to Manchester with some friends last week and I stumbled upon this range. It was not only cheap, but also on 3 for 2, so I decided to pick some items. I managed to bag myself 6 things for around £10.50

Essence Make-up HaulFirstly, I selected these two eyeshadows. I love shimmery colours in gold/browns/rose so I gravitated towards these first. The two colours are:

Metal Glam in Frosted Apple and Party All Night Metallic Effect.

Essence Make-up Haul
After years of avoiding liquid liner, I finally tried the Soap and Glory eye liner and I am now a changed woman. Sad news about that though, folks. I was doing my makeup one morning, I pulled the lid off with my mouth and did my eyeliner. I then went to put the lid back on and I have no idea where the lid went. It just vanished from between my lips, I swear. I searched high and low, I had not moved from my seat but it had gone. I hope I did not swallow it up but I am pretty sure I did not.

So I’ve been using a DIY lid, which is the bottom of a pen to try and keep it from drying out, but it’s not working that well. Therefore I bought this one to use instead.

Full review here.

Essence Make-up Haul
This twirls around or something. The Lash Curler, it’s called. It’s a mascara that makes your lashes curly by rotating as you put it on. I’ll try it out and review it for you.

Essence Make-up Haul
Woo, nail varnish.I love nail varnish and there were many to chose from, both glitter top coats like this and some solid colours. I got 02 circus confetti and 10 glorious aquarius. I don’t know why I bought these to be honest as I do have two very similar already. But whatever. Expect to see some more NOTD posts using these! 😀

I’ll be reviewing these products in detail over the next few weeks!

Have you heard of these range before, what do you think of it?

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