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Essence Make-up Haul

A few weeks ago, I saw somebody mention on twitter that they had found the ‘essence range’ in Wilkos. I did a bit of digging…


Essence Make-up HaulA few weeks ago, I saw somebody mention on twitter that they had found the ‘essence range’ in Wilkos. I did a bit of digging and couldn’t really find much information about it.

From what I can gather, essence is a cheap brand that is new to the UK and is being sold in Wilkinson stores. It is currently popular in many other countries and is the number 1 make-up brand in a number of them.

I believe it’s aimed at the younger market and the items I saw were between 99p and £3.50.

I went to Manchester with some friends last week and I stumbled upon this range. It was not only cheap, but also on 3 for 2, so I decided to pick some items. I managed to bag myself 6 things for around £10.50

Essence Make-up HaulFirstly, I selected these two eyeshadows. I love shimmery colours in gold/browns/rose so I gravitated towards these first. The two colours are:

Metal Glam in Frosted Apple and Party All Night Metallic Effect.

Essence Make-up Haul
After years of avoiding liquid liner, I finally tried the Soap and Glory eye liner and I am now a changed woman. Sad news about that though, folks. I was doing my makeup one morning, I pulled the lid off with my mouth and did my eyeliner. I then went to put the lid back on and I have no idea where the lid went. It just vanished from between my lips, I swear. I searched high and low, I had not moved from my seat but it had gone. I hope I did not swallow it up but I am pretty sure I did not.

So I’ve been using a DIY lid, which is the bottom of a pen to try and keep it from drying out, but it’s not working that well. Therefore I bought this one to use instead.

Full review here.

Essence Make-up Haul
This twirls around or something. The Lash Curler, it’s called. It’s a mascara that makes your lashes curly by rotating as you put it on. I’ll try it out and review it for you.

Essence Make-up Haul
Woo, nail varnish.I love nail varnish and there were many to chose from, both glitter top coats like this and some solid colours. I got 02 circus confetti and 10 glorious aquarius. I don’t know why I bought these to be honest as I do have two very similar already. But whatever. Expect to see some more NOTD posts using these! 😀

I’ll be reviewing these products in detail over the next few weeks!

Have you heard of these range before, what do you think of it?

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  1. They sell the brand here in Belgium. I bought some bits recently whilst out getting some new make up. I got a beige matte eye-shadow and the eyeliner you’ve got there (with I really like btw, it’s great for work… I have separate weekend and work eyeliner haha). I also picked up the primer but I haven’t tried that yet.

    Looking forward to see what the products are like.

    I also think, but I’m not 100% sure, that Essence are cruelty free too… But I’m not 100% sure on the parent company or the stance on the ingredients.

  2. I blogged about a few Essence products here:
    As you can see you got one of the same mascaras as I did. It is fine, does what it says and lasts well but the twirling mechanism is a bit redundant tbh. I can can twirl it easier by just twisting the brush in my hand.
    I haven’t got any of the other products you got but from my products, the eye shadow primer is awful (it’s orange!) and the eyeliner although applies well, doesn’t last very long. The mascara in the purple tube is pretty awesome though. x

    Amy at Amy & More

  3. I first found the brand in Spain a couple of years ago and have loved it ever since. Some of the products leave a lot to be desired but the eyeshadows are especially brilliant!

  4. £10 for six products is good going. I love metallic eyeshadows and those chosen look lovely. Ooh and the nail varnishes looking forward to seeing these on. Eyeliner I have always been a disaster with but maybe I need to try again. I am glad that I am not the only one that without moving manages to loose something quite am art Lucy x

  5. essence is such a great and budget friendly brand! Definitely check it out:)
    I’m new to this world of blogging, so it would mean a world to me if anyone checked out my blog and followed? Thanks:)

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