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5 Reasons I Leave Your Blog and Never Return

Last week I received an e-mail from a reader asking for me to look at their new blog and send some feedback. I had a quick…


Top blog tips

Last week I received an e-mail from a reader asking for me to look at their new blog and send some feedback.

I had a quick peak, but a few days later when I sat down to look again and reply to the e-mail, the blog had been deleted. Full of ideas, I decided to turn some of those thoughts into a blog post.

I read a lot of blogs. Like, A LOT OF BLOGS. I don’t watch TV because it’s just not interactive enough for me. If I do watch something, I’m probably streaming it on one computer and reading blogs on the other. There are many different types of blogs that I love and enjoy reading, although some do have things that niggle at me.

I thought I would do a ‘turn around’ post on blog tips, and do a post around things that will make me probably never come back to your blog.

That’s a bit extreme, Corinne.

In all honestly, these don’t make me think things like I’LL NEVER COME BACK, but I kept that in the title. In the name of drama. I’m a diva, you see.

These are more things that I wish were different about your blog to make my experience on your site better, smoother, and to satisfy my curiosity.

Blog tips: 5 things that niggle me about your blog.

1. You have huge chunks of text. Like, your paragraphs are massive, man. And they don’t really stimulate me much. If you’re going to type a lot, you need to entertain me. Say something clever, something I don’t know, something inspiring or funny. Shock me, if you must. But it needs to grab me within the first sentence or two, other wise I probably won’t read it. Otherwise, keep it short, choppy, to the point and easy to skim read.

2. I can’t find your follow buttons easily. If I do a little squeal of delight when I first read your blog, I’m probably going to want to stalk you a bit on twitter, instagram and follow you on Bloglovin at the very least. Please keep your follow/social media items above the fold (this means, in view without me having to scroll down) so I can easily access them and stalk you forever.

3. I can’t find a picture of you. LET ME SEE YOUR FACE. Please, I want to see it so I know who I’m talking to. It makes it much easier for me to relate to you and feel like I know you.

4. A/S/L? I like to know your age,sex and location please. I can probably guess your sex, but I like to know how old you are and where you live because I’m nosey. I do realise that this actually does make me sound like a stalker, but honestly, I’m not. I don’t want to know EXACTLY where to you live, but at least give me an idea of if you are English/Yorkshire/American etc! It’s fun to know if you leave near me, or if you live somewhere I’ve been or am familiar with – it’s something I’m likely to comment on to spark up a conversation. Same goes with your occupation, if you’re job is something similar to mine, or something I’m interested in, please share. It give me a starting topic to build a conversation with you.

5. You sound too formal. I like your personality to shine through your writing. Nothing turns me off more than blog posts that seem more like a magazine article. While I do understand the temptation to seem professional, it’s not original. Tell me a joke, please. It’s fun to be silly. The easiest way to let your personality shine through is to imagine you are typing to one of your friends, rather than the anonymous internet.

As you can see, most of the things that bug me most about blogs do not require much technical ability at all, they do not insist you buy a top notch camera and spend hours and hours working on your HTML skillz for a sleek design.

None of that matters, really.

At the end of the day, I just want to get to know you.

Make it easy for me to relate to you, make me smile, make me feel connected to you and I’ll gladly come back. DSLR camera or not.

I realise that some people don’t like to share photos of themselves or their locations, but if that’s the case with you, you’ll just have a think of another way to woo me ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s your biggest blog bugbear?

See part two: 5 more things that make me leave your blog and never return.


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  1. I find it a little frustrating when people do outfit posts and then post all of the photos on IG and Twitter, so that actually when I get to read the post, I’ve already seen it all. I’m not sure if that falls into the bracket of “too much promotion”. I must admit, I do share my blog link on Twitter when I’ve done a new post (when I remember) but I try to be careful not to spam people with it several times a day as I’m sure it gets annoying.

    1. I guess it can be a bit boring to see the same photos a few time and makes the blog lose that element of surprise. I wouldn’t mind a teaser photos, but spoilers aren’t great, I guess!

    2. Thank you for the tips as a newbie blogger tips like this are invaluable.
      Would you say it’s ok to put 30 something as your age ? (I’m a little sensitive when it comes to my age)

  2. These are all so true! I feel a bit creepy trying to suss out what country someone is from but I’m just curious!

  3. I like to see the person who’s typed the blog as well, but I do read blogs that dont have photos and it doesn’t bother me. There’s some I read and they go on and on, but I skim through them, thankfully there isn’t a lot of those kinds of blogs as I just don’t have time to read a book every post. I don’t have my age on my blog and I don’t really care about anyone’s age, as I read all ages of blogs really. I like to know the place they are at, purely because it’s cool to know that I’m reading blogs from people from all over the world, but none of these things are bad enough to make me not read their blogs really. What makes me not read someone’s blog is not getting any response from them in some way – like returning a comment or replying to mine, some kind of interaction. If it’s one sided, they get dropped because it takes the fun out of it for me. Great post x

    1. Age isn’t THAT important for me, I just prefer to know, as well because I am so rubbish at guessing peoples ages! I always think people are so much younger than what they really are so it’s more of a ‘get to know you’ type of thing.

      One-sided comments aren’t fun either. It can be hard to give back to comments all the time but at least make the effort every now and then if you can’t visit as often!

  4. I’m such a stalker. After someone comments on my blog, I always go on their blog, comment, go through their social media. You’re totally right, I also want to know some basic info about the blogger. Thing that bug me the most is probably not able to see someones face. Like I saw some blogs, that didn’t have any photo of the blogger. And I was like ‘Whose blog am I reading?’ It’s a bit confusing.
    Great post, really inspiring and very true!

    Mary x

    1. Yeah, I love knowing what people look like! It’s so strange when you make a picture up in your head of what somebody looks like, then see a photo and they have totally different hair colour etc!

      1. This is a difficult one for me! I first started without any photo’s of myself because I wasn’t happy with any I had (and I am not thrilled with the one’s I’m using now!) but I liked to see them on other blogs so I caved, but I don’t have any photo’s of myself in my sidebar as yet! I don’t think it would put me off but I agree it definitely makes you feel you’ve got a connection if you know what someone looks like along with the basic details of age/location etc.
        This post was really food for thought!
        Tara xo

  5. My biggest bugbear, which is actually likely to make me never return, is a poor grasp of the written word. Sentences which just. Stop in the middle for. No apparent reason. Commas, where, they, don’t. Belong. And terrible spieling.

    1. I love this comment! I can let some things slip. I’m much more likely to let a spelling mistake go over my head etc, than I am say something like text speak!

  6. I loved this post. Really useful information for new bloggers like me, I hope I haven’t done any of these! These things actually really bother me too, if I have to search for the follow button for ages I lose interest and give up!

    Seren x

  7. Most of your points are bang on from a PRs point of view too. I’m constantly looking for very specific blogs; a woman who is plus size over the age of 40 and living in Cardiff was the latest one. It’s impossible to find anyone when bloggers don’t sell their A/S/L on their blog. I always say that the ‘about me’ page should contain all the details you want PRs to see- age, location. gender, married, singles, children, dog, cat. size, interests, hobbies- as much as possible. And, surprisingly, the most common detail I canโ€™t find on some blogs- your name! Or at least how you would like to be addressed.
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    1. I never thought of it from a PR’s point of view! I guess it makes perfect sense. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of local event invites and I probably wouldn’t if it wasn’t for me writing my city in my about page!

    2. Some of the reason for that is security. There are a lot of creepies out there. I’m not posting my age, my exact location, my kids’ names, or every little detail about me. I don’t need any more stalkers than I already got IRL.

      If that loses me promotion or readers, so be it. Safety first.

  8. Interesting read. Some good points. I too get switched off by reams of text. And I soon loose interest if it’s so hard to navigate that I can’t find anything. Will definitely think about updating my own blog with regards to letting people know who I am. Though I haven’t worked out how to put a picture on where I want it in blogger yet.

    One more thing that drives me away is if the blogger has used pastel text on a pastel background – the colours look great together but I can’t read it.

    1. It’s really easy to get a picture in blogger – you can upload on as a widget and then place it in your side bar ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m with you on all of these. Putting a face to a name is soooo important. And I like knowing a bit about the person as well so I can have something to talk about them with!

  10. Dramatic title is a win!
    I don’t mind long text but I agree, I have to enjoy reading it. I need to make myself some of them follow buttons… but I just haven’t got round to it yet.

    One of my pet peeves is small text and small photos. I don’t mind if the photos aren’t the worlds best but I would still rather see it in a large size.

    ~ K

    1. Yeah, I don’t like small photos either. I used to upload tiny photos when I first started blogging! It’s all about learning, I guess.

    Especially with the Hugemongous Text and being too formal!! I sooooooo hate that!. when the text is to long and not fun to read, then I usually just look at the pictures.
    SUCH a great post! Nice Corinne!
    Love J

    1. I like your layout, but I’m struggling to read your posts because when I scroll down, my computer scrolls back to the top!

  12. I totally agree with you on these things. I love discovering new blogs and when I do, I want to have a bit of a nose around to see if it’s the kind of blog I’d like to follow regularly. I think for me, it’s being able to easily navigate a blog- if I want to find out how to follow you, it has to be easy for me!


  13. I also hate huge paragraphs. There’s a couple of blogs that I try and read, that have this issue, and it just puts me off. On a screen it’s just too much. We need more breaks, and I just don’t read, I leave.

    I also hate centralised text (again, hard to read), and text speak.

  14. Hahaha I couldn’t agree more with these points! I also love the name of the post ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

    Pillarbox Post

  15. I love how honest you are! Tiny images are turn off for me, like so tiny you need a microscope to see them! If I notice they have just started out I’ll give them a chance as we all have to start from somewhere but if you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re still uploading microscopic images, I probably won’t return.
    I loved this post, hopefully I don’t fall into any of these categories!


  16. I know what you mean about the long paragraphs… Another thing that really turns me off blogs is rubbish sponsored posts. Either ones that are copied and pasted from press releases, or those that advertise products which are totally unrelated to the usual content. One I see quite often is pet insurance! X

    1. Pet insurance? Heh. I guess if somebody has pets and have spoken about posts and done posts about them before, it makes sense, but apart from that, doom!

  17. I agree with all of your points! Sometimes I think I’m a little guilty of being too formal, but I think that’s just an unfortunate result of 2 years studying english literature D:


  18. So many things! One big turn off for me is an undeclared sponsored post. I certainly don’t begrudge bloggers earning a few quid, but when I see an obviously paid for link/post with no indication that that’s what it is, then I don’t trust that blogger and wonder what else they’re not being truthful about.

    Also text speak and poor writing generally. I can forgive a few misplaced apostrophes but it can be too much of a distraction if the writing is very bad,

    1. How do you know it’s sponsored if it’s undeclared ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It’s really naughty to do this, you can get in trouble for it.

  19. I agree with you
    I always feel more inspired when I reed other blogs.
    Honestly for my point of view I don’t put to much information about my personal
    Life, because specially here in USA is so many crazy people LOL…
    So yes I’m a little careful ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great post and I really mean it, specially for somebody like me, who is totally new in the blogs world
    So very much appreciated:)

    1. Don’t feel insecure, everyone will have their preferences – I’m sure there are things that make you want to read a blog again and again and things that don’t! It’s just my personal preferences.

  20. Agree with your comments ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to admit though that sometimes my paragraphs can get pretty long… you see I like to talk A LOT and I type pretty fast haha also I don’t think I care the blogger’s age lol but I do want to see a pic ๐Ÿ™‚ that is for sure! great post, I enjoyed reading it!
    Following you on Instagram!


    1. I can talk a lot too, ha. I have to really edit and sensor myself and ask myself if it’s really relevant or just insane babbling. BABLBLGOROGSGSOR.

  21. This is very interesting! Huge chunks of text are a turnoff if the writing isn’t interesting, and even then, I need pictures or some white space ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Great points. As a blogger the most important thing you can do (and to capture my attention), is be authentic. If what you’re writing about is interesting to you, it will likely be interesting to others. But if you’re solely writing what you think people will like, more often than not you’ll miss the mark. Thanks for sharing, glad I came across your blog.

  23. Hi Corinne! while I did not come back to your blog and believe me it’s not because I do not like your blog on the contrary I find interesting, and always has something good to have, forgive my ingratitude ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked these tips and like you prefer a small paragraph, a story that goes straight to the point!

  24. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar winds me up. We all have the odd slip up, but if it happens in every post I’d probably unfollow. Is that harsh? Xx

    1. It’s not harsh if it bothers you. I think in general people need to proof read more, there’s nothing worse than spotting a spelling mistake in your own post when it’s published!

  25. I loved this! I’d add to it “you have too many ads everywhere! Popping out of every little corner!” or “…the only thing you post are sponsored giveaways”. I read one recently that was advertising panty liners. Seriously. Not kidding. A whole post dedicated to them, then a giveaway for them. Wow.

  26. I LOVE THIS!!! It bugs me sooooooooo much when there are no photos of the person who’s blog it is, I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE. And I can’t deal with long paragraphs either. SHort snappy sentences broken down into lots of paragraphs are what I need!

  27. Great list Corinne; and agree with most of the points myself. I agree pictures are a must ( but hopefully good ones) and a lot of spelling mistakes are a bit of turnoff for me( now I said this though I need to be more paranoid about mine haha) Love all your blogging related posts. Always full of great info. XOXO, Elif

  28. Ok, great, great, great post! I am so new to the blogging world, maybe six weeks in, and it’s so much harder than I ever thought, btw. Also, I think I’m doing everything on your list, oops! There is a picture of me on the about page, but otherwise it is hard to find me, definitely need to do better, also I didn’t give age as I thought it may limit readers? Location, I didn’t say because my littles are in so many post. I would love it if you would check it out and give me some feedback, that would be so great, Thanks!!

    1. The picture in your about page is perfect! Most people will go there when they want to read more about you so that’s fine. I would put your country or state/county in the about page too. Of course if you don’t want to, that’s up to you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your blog is lovely, can’t believe it’s only 6 weeks old and I love your instagrams!

  29. Great post! I love an a/s/l (how old school chat room that sounds!) I love reading blogs by any and all ages and sexes but I find I often connect more with bloggers who are near my own age, shared experiences and what not lol!

    Plus I always feel a little strange if I’m commenting away on a blog and suddenly discover is 13 years YOUNGER than me – it’s happened and suddenly I develop a MUM complex!

    Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. Ha, it’s funny isn’t it? I was reading the blog of a 14 year old the other day and the way she wrote as amazing, such a wise little late – thought she was older than me (in a good way)

  30. Really love the title of this post a dramatic headline gets me every time. Good tips. I love reading blogs and posts that have the true person behind them. You always shine in that department. I sometimes find this really hard in concentrating on what I am writing I loose some of my humour. I will try harder so you don’t leave and don’t come back Lucy x

  31. I agree with all of your points except for the age thing which I think thats more of an european thing. I live in Canada and generally people don’t share it like that.

  32. I stumbled across your blog from a Twitter “Follow Friday”.. LOVE the layout (I have the same one, great minds and all that).

    Secondly, I believe that self promo is amazing, but there are some people that promote too much and pretty much SPAM my twitter/ig etc.. Big fat no!

    I’d love to hear your feedback – I’m a new blogger!

    Sam xo

    Sam xo

  33. I love this post. Very helpful. I am working on changing up my blog a bit to make it more convenient for others. Thank you so much for these tips.

  34. Absolutely loved this! So handy. My blog is less than a week old so I found this such a helpful post, thank you! *rushes to upload mugshot to blog* x

  35. I totally agree with so many of these points – especially about social media links! So frustrating Gisforgingers xx

  36. I completely agree with you on this one – my pet peeve with blogs is HUGE blocks of text, I just can’t bear reading it, even if it was amazingly interesting… if it’s in a swirly font, even more so!

    I also like to see a photo of the blogger too, I almost imagine I’m chatting to the person when I know what they look like!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  37. Well hello there Corinne

    Since you always find the time to read my strange blog and comment now and then, I
    have came to write on yours. I do not really comment since you blog is already flooded with comments. Do not know if mine will make a difference.

    Pretty Awesome

    I personally do not think I like those follow buttons on my blog, mainly because I do not really encourage following. I only have some since I should conform somewhat to that of society. Maybe I should make it known, just for the mind of stalkers. I mean stalking is quite fun.

    Hmm putting pictures of myself on there is quite annoying. I have a few hidden between post. But maybe I should do a post on who I am, just for the interest sake. But other than that I do not really care. I kind of believe my life is boring (oh I am such a liar).

    I must admit, big and too small font scares my eyes. I can be quite intense. I would run away as well.

    I would say more right now. But I need to go class.

    Speak Soon

    Keep Smiling

  38. Great post! Interesting to see what things could possibly put other people off! Badly written and long wordy posts do bug me, I like things in shorter to the point paragraphs (and I hope I manage to do that)! Great blog x

  39. Ha ha love this post, so true on every point! I hate it when beauty bloggers write review after review on the same products. Oh come on, you can’t all LOVE that new lipstick xxx

  40. great post! for me, the deal breaker is usually if the blog loads super slow or if it is too colorful of a layout/busy.

  41. Love this article, you are spot on! I haven’t been blogging for too long so great to get such honest feedback on what is a turn off..I definitely need to add my A/S/L to my About page.

    For me, poor spelling and grammar winds me up and I just turn away. Also, when the start of a sentence or the ‘I’ isn’t capitalised.

    Thanks for sharing x

  42. I love this, and it is very helpful!

    Yeah, I do like to write long posts from time to time, but if I know I’m going to talk a bit, I’ll put it behind a cut so people don’t have to scroll in order to get to another post.

    For me, the layout has to be visually appealing and the font has to be one I can read, because with my dyslexia, if a page is crazy colours and a font I can’t read? I’ll close the page straight away.

  43. I prefer profiles which have a photo of the blogger on too! Also, imagining that you’re writing to one of your friend whilst writing a post is a great tip! I tend to write in a more formal way when it comes to essay season as that writing style is all that’s in my brain :/ haha


  44. I think the biggest turn off for me on a blog is disorganization. When I visit a blog, if there are a billion ads or everything is harum-scarum, then I’m probably not going to come back. I love great photography on blogs as well. If the pics don’t capture me, then nothing else about the blog will.

  45. Some good points on here. Made me think because I’m trying to retain some anonymity because of the things I write about. It’s not a totally closed blog, anyone with half a mind could soon work out exactly who I was, and my children.
    Also, I agree with your other commenters about typos. I’m a proofreader by trade, very poor spelling in blogs turns me off, although I’m not as much a stickler as you might think. I’ve read some fantastic heartfelt posts with poor grammar, and some dull perfectly punctuated ones.

  46. All very good points! I hate not being able to find where to follow people on bloglovin! And also It bugs me if people write about a product and they don’t swatch it or show me it on them! haha Take a peek at my blog if you like!

  47. I think I’ve passed most of these things that annoy you apart from the first one. I CAN write a lot but I like to think it’s interesting and my readers read on after the first few sentences ๐Ÿ™‚ and yeah I like to know where people are from and a pictures of them too.

    Yazmin xx

  48. I love your dramatic title, of definitely sucked me in!
    I completely agree with you about making the text manageable for the reader but for me the biggest turn off is not having some balance between photos and text. I like seeing nice photos but I can add images in so many other places, I come to blogs to find out what the writer thinks and feels about something so if they’ve only written one sentence in every post, it just doesn’t do it for me!
    It’s all a matter of preference though I think, I’m sure there will always be someone who doesn’t like your blogging style and you just have to keep yourself happy above everything else ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Great blog post, and really attractive blog. I think that it can be difficult to fight the large blocks of text that is why I love bullets and numbering or breaking up paragraphs into smaller paragraphs. I hope you check out my blog and LOVE it ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Oh dear, I’m guilty of a couple of these – I definitely have massive walls of text (I’ve tried to be more concise, but it’s just not a skill of mine) and I don’t have my age on my blog (I don’t only read blogs by people who are exactly the same age as me, and I also think age can be quite loaded in fashion blogging – I really hate commentary about “age appropriate” dressing etc, and people seem to have quite strong options about what you should wear when you’re X age, so I don’t want to open myself up to that…). I’m also quite cagey about my location: I say I’m in Scotland, and,if pressed, will narrow it down to central Scotland, but I live in a small village and I’ve had issues in the past with people being quite stalker-ish, so I wouldn’t want anything too identifiable online!

    I do like to see a photo, though – I especially hate fashion blogs where there person chops off their head in the photos, or puts a blank circle over it or something: it’s really off-putting, and I think if you’re THAT worried about people knowing what you look like, you probably should’t be posting on the internet in the first place. (I mean, how do they cope with going out in public? Where people might – OMG – SEE them?!).

    I totally agree that it’s weird when people don’t give ANY information at all about themselves… If I like the post I land on, I always go straight for the “about” page after that, and if there isn’t one, it puts me off – I guess I just have issues with feeling like the blogger has a top secret identity that must not be revealed under any circumstances!

    Oh,and I also hate over-formality. Like, when a celebrity dies, and people post on Twitter saying, “My thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time,” as if they’re the Prime Minister, giving a quote to a newspaper. WHO TALKS LIKE THAT?

    Umm, I just realised I’ve typed a wall of text on YOUR blog now. *embarrassed*

    1. I can be kind of guilty of doing walls of text. I try to press the enter button a lot. Your posts always have a really cool story to them though and I don’t think they’re overly ‘blocky’. More just long.

      I can understand why some people don’t want to put their age, it’s not that I only read blogs of peoples of a certain age, I just like to know because I’m well nosey. I’m also so bad at guessing age and just assume people are like 5-8 years younger than they really are.

      I think I just like to know people and I like it when blogs make it easy for me to do so!

  51. Oh dear, I think I am definitely guilty of the massive text blocks. I think it’s because I mostly blog because I enjoy writing, which makes it quite a text heavy affair. I’ll definitely think of using that enter button a bit more.

    I agree on the follow buttons, if I like a blog I always want to do a bit of social media stalking.


  52. Love this!

    When I read this title I thought, oh god it’s going to include all this techie stuff that is gonna go totally over my head!

    But all your points listed totally make sense and are easy and normal to change/do/achieve – I agree with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Let’s be buddies haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Sweet Jesus there’s a lot of comments! Anyways thought I would throw one more in the bunch.

    I really liked this post as I am a fairly newbie in this blogging world reading this really helped.

    As English isn’t my first language I am always afraid people will find my written language poorly (especially when it comes to commas. They are literally impossible in English) but I guess not writing a 100% perfect English post is something that is characteristic for my blog. With that being said I do put a lot of work in writing correctly but I would love to hear what you think of it? How I write just in general would be amazing to have some feedback on!

    Thanks for a lovely post and a lovely blog. Devoted follower!


  54. Omg…the third and the fourth really so true…i thought that i was the only one and i felt a little bit quelty…i don’t know…but i think that it’s important…especially tthe age and the country…well and the photo ^_^

  55. This is a great post. I think some people forget to show their personality because they want to sound professional but I think it’s a huge part of blogging.

    Taylor //

  56. Great post! I couldn’t agree more about walls of text. Those pop-up boxes that ask you to subscribe are something that turns me right off. Oh, and itty bitty faint text is another turn off.

  57. Dunno, I don’t get turned off if I can’t see a blogger’s face, I can understand why they don’t want their face plastered on the internet or retain some anonymity, especially if the blog isn’t famous or a business! I wouldn’t stop reading a blog altogether just because I can’t associate a face to it…

  58. You’ve only gone and persuaded me to add my Age, Sex & serial number onto my About page! No photos – I draw the line there.

  59. And I’m still here stalking!!!!
    Ah shucks, you must hate my blog! BIG long, boring chunks of text! The Bloglovin follow button is lurking down the side, I don’t want to share my location, age and stuff because I’m a teacher and so want to preserve a little bit of anonymity! Anyway, FYI, I’m 34, live in Essex!

  60. I loved how honest this was. You’re totally right!
    I think we all commit these sins now and then, but I like how, wilst calling them out, you did it humorously and good natured-ly haha. It’s nice to find tips like these.

  61. This is such a helpful and interesting post to read. I do agree with everything here! I also want to add my major turn off which is when there’s a lot of advertisement and clickable ads that you need to click the hard-to-find X button before you can read their blog post.

  62. Totally agree on the blocks of writing. I have the attention span of a fly so I need it breaking up. Hate bad spelling and grammar too! X

  63. Reading this and knowing you must of read a post on my blog yesterday I’ve gone and added a picture on me after trying to wrk out how to do it for the last 2 hours. Hope you come back to my blog again though.

    Ashleigh x

  64. If a decade ago A/S/L was a normal thing to ask for on the internet, I think now we came to the point when most people would prefer relative anonymity, especially if they write about sensitive or extremely personal issues on their blog.

  65. I’m with you on most of these – I love a bit of background info, because I’m nosy! Personally though, my biggest bugbear is not proofreading properly – little mistakes can distract and take away from otherwise really good content! Also, ‘In the name of drama’ made me laugh – best excuse for just about anything! If you get a chance I’d love some feedback on my blog!
    Kirsty x

  66. For me, one of my pet peeves is a blog that hasn’t been updated for a while. Sadly, I am often guilty of leaving my own neglected for months at a time, although I have a perpetual goal of becoming more consistent. (One of these days…) I’ll still follow a blog that is little updated, though, if the content they post is interesting or if they’re someone I know or want to get to know. But still, best to keep it fresh as you say!

    Btw, nice discovering your blog/twitter feed!

  67. I love reading witty text but I agree there’s nothing worse that massive paragraphs of zzzz… I like posts like these as they make me reflect on my own blog and how I could improve it …and also I read some points and can relate!

    Emma xx

  68. This was really interesting! I have to admit, I’m probably guilty of some of these – mostly in my health related posts because they requite a more authoritative, professional voice & quite a fair bit of information. But that’s ok, it’s part of my voice & my blog. I’m working on becoming more conversational as I’ve known it’s something that lets me down & I’m making little steps forward. Personally I choose not to include my age, because I tend to forget to update it on one or more of my social media accounts! I find the ‘twenty-something’ is done a lot, but I don’t want to follow the crowd in this respect. One of my biggest pet peeves is blogs with coloured text or background because I just can’t read them! I have Mears-Irlen syndrome & dyslexia. I ware green precision tinted lenses & anything other than black text on a white background interferes with my ability to read. I know I’m in a minority here though. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  69. I think my main bug bear is poor spelling and grammar. I get the none of us are immune. We’ve all had typos or rushed through a post to get it live and haven’t checked it through, but consistent mistakes make it really difficult for me to read the content. I just see the mistakes.

  70. I get turned off by the “wrong” fonts. No I don’t want to read an entire post in a cute font that looks like joined up handwriting! Pick something simple but classic…and legible!

    I teach graphic design though and I’m a typography geek so that might just be me.

  71. Good tips, I’m struggling between a professional and personable balance. You, by the way, have that down pat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Loved this post!! So helpful, thanks girl! Xo

    I would love your feedback on my blog too if you get a chance!

  73. I always struggle finding a way to write my posts and keep it consistently informal! I find it easy toe rite pretty formally. I’ll try imagining I’m writing to a friend ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope nobody comes to my blog and is put off by something, if there is something though I’d love to know! I do struggle with people interacting – I mean I hardly get any comments on my blog. I do on my instagram but hey… Can’t have it all I guess! I can with though ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. Great post! Some food for thought for me lol! I’m the same I hate big chunks of text it just puts me off (I get easily distracted!) and I love a social button close by so I can stalk too! Which I’m probably gonna follow you on some more haha!

    Heather xx

  75. This was a really handy little post to read as a new blogger. I’ll take your tips on board

    Jazziepickles xo

  76. Wow, lot of comments – popular post indeed ๐Ÿ™‚ My personal pet hate is pop ups, be it ads or giveaways or worst IMO is ones asking me to sign up to the mailing list the moment I visit the blog. I haven’t yet read what you offer and you’re prompting me to sign up? Your point of clear A/S/L I struggle with personally due to my profession so trying to have some anonymity while still sharing my love for the thing I blog about (nothing to do with my work). And as much PR or readers might want to know my age, I fear people would be prejudiced – so I let my writing and pictures speak for that. I will need to look at my follow buttons though – don’t think my WP theme allows for floating sidebar one :/

  77. These are all spot on – except the age thing. I find it usually turns me off. The thing that turns me off the most is probably photos that are super dark and grainy.

  78. Corinne, great list. Really, I’ve visited blogs where I’ve hunted high and low for a name. Please, everyone, put your first name on your blog! And resize your photos so that they don’t take forever to load. And lose the pop-ups.

    I don’t mind that people don’t tell their age. So many people make judgments based on age and would leave a blog and never come back if it didn’t fit their own demographic. I went to visit a post at a new-to-me blog yesterday, intrigued by the title and the first paragraph, I then saw her About in the sidebar and saw that she was very, very young.

    My first thought was, “What can she know about it?” I was shocked to find that prejudice in myself! So I gave myself a firm talking-to, continued reading and concluded that the post had value for readers of any age, no matter the age of the writer. And, of course, at the other end of the spectrum, we all know that old people frequently get overlooked and ignored.

    Being a magazine writer, I’ve had a tough time being “informal” on my blog. Even after 7 years of blogging, I catch myself lapsing into magazine style occasionally.

  79. I started my blog on January 31st so i’m learning as i go! This definitely made me think of a few things and hopefully people will want to come back to my blog!

  80. Picture, Age and Sex? No, sorry, aint gonna happen. If it means I lose the occasional reader, then so be it. You’re lucky to get my name and general location. My personal safety is far more important to me than numbers of occasional followers, so I will continue to do what makes me safe and comfortable.

  81. Thanks, good tips. I’m off to update my about me section and add my pic to the home page. I’ve stopped by your blog a few times now and I like your honest writing style.

  82. These are really good tips! And it doesn’t feel like the same “mistakes list” I see all the time. Also, really love your mini bio at the end of the post!
    xoxo, Sarah

  83. Haha I love this. I think I’m probably guilty of some of these – like large paragraphs – but I am trying to cut them down and have been paying more attention to this recently as I know they probably look awful. Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

    Reema |

  84. Ha, ha! I โค๏ธ that you understand that being from Yorkshire is a totally separate thing than being generally English!

  85. I love this post! Great things to think about.. and I totally agree with you. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely keep these things in mind as I write more in the future!

  86. I’ve never thought about some of those points but maybe I need to give more away about myself to get more people to read more posts.

    I came across your blog from the Bloggers Blog Awards and I’ve already read two or three of your posts and also one on your fitness blog. Hopefully you win in your category!


  87. I love this! Nice to read a post that has a different twist on the matter โœจ given me some great advice to keep an audience who wants to come back, thank you

  88. This was a great read. While I do agree with most items on the lists (including part two), one thing I think you forgot is the oversharing. That’s my bugbear (pet peeve).

  89. YES to all these. Nothing worse than reading something monotone and boring. Playing it safe in writing doesn’t work, I feel. GO NUTS AND SAY THE WORD SHIT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. Go mad!

    Great points, all very helpful. Especially to guys just starting out ๐Ÿ™‚

    (I also like to know everything there is to know about the blogger. It practises my cyber stalking skills)

  90. I agree with all of these, but I would add one you’ve forgotten that really bugs me… Not being able to comment! Some deactivate comments or make it really complicated to comment on a post and that really annoys me haha


  91. Loved this. Your personality sure does shine through Thank you for sharing your insights so honestly x

  92. I hope Iโ€™m not doing that many of these, I do have a picture of me on there. Though not sure about my age and location. Iโ€™m still pretty new to blogging and as such still learning.

  93. These are all totally valid pet peeves I think – and totally solvable too! I definitely agree about giant blocks of text being quite a turn off.

    For me, poor spelling really really puts me off. I donโ€™t mean one mistake as weโ€™re all human, I mean writing absolutely littered with errors that looks like a text message you havenโ€™t taken a second glance at. It just reads like the writer doesnโ€™t care, and that doesnโ€™t make me care very much either!

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