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Radical Skincare for Radical Results

radical skincare
If you’ve heard of Radical skincare before, you might know the story behind these two sisters on a mission.

Their names: Liz and Rachel. Daughters of a world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery, they spent time their fathers lab and at the University of Virginia Burn Unit as they were growing up. They worked in the skincare industry for over 15 years.


After having her second child, Rachel developed Rosacea, a skincare condition that causes red marks and bumps. Liz had just turned 46 and noticed that her skin wasn’t getting any younger and started to notice those sneaky signs of age creeping in. With this is a trigger, they worked with their chemists and scientists to come up with a skincare product that could help the both of them, with no intention of putting on the market for mass consumption. 

Rachel, Liz and some friends used the formula once it had been tested.  Rachel’s rosacea cleared, Liz was stopped on the street to ask what skincare products she used and their friends wanted to get their hands on more of the stuff. Since then, they put it on sale to the public and have taken Radical Skincare from 2 stores in the US to over 800 in 15 different countries in only three years. 

They don’t spend money on advertising, or being sponsored by celebrities. Instead, they rely on word of mouth so they can put the money back in the bottle, rather than inflated prices.

Radical Results and Nothing Less.
Radical sent me two of their products which I have been using over the past two weeks. 
radial skincare
Radical Skincare Multi Brightening Serum.

This claims to fight 7 causes of uneven skin tone and dark spots. It evens skin tone by reducing the size and intensity of dark spots and fights skin pigmentation disorders to gives more radiant skin.

You simply apply the serum day and night to your face and neck before your moisturiser. 

Skin Perfecting Screen SPF30
This is a great way of protecting your skin from the sun, it’s great for exercise as it won’t irritate your eyes during perspiration. I have been using this while running or when I’ve been spending long periods of time outside. It has a slight tint for a healthy glow, use it after you moisturise.
Get it here. 

radical skincare review
The Results.
After around 3 days of using this, I was getting compliments about how fresh and bright I looked. This is quite a big deal from me as these compliments came from work and I usually get told I look a mess, tired, like a man and like I’ve not even brushed my hair. I’m not even joking! Everyone has this weird perception of me that I dress really butch and are always surprised when they find out about my dress or shoe collection! Ha. So it was quite a shock to be getting compliments about how nice my skin looks!
Joking aside, this has helped even my skin tone slightly, but as my skin tone isn’t that bad it’s hard to say it did wonders for me. It gave me an overall bright glow which I noticed very quickly. 
I liked the feel of the product on my skin too. I has a very light floral scent, but it doesn’t linger on my skin which I really like in a product. I’ve been using a different brand prior to that and the scent of that was so strong that I could smell it all day and I found it really off putting. I do realise some people may like that, but it’s not for me!  
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, shall we? The price. The products are expensive and above my skincare budget. Obviously it is a case of you pay for what you get, so although the products are very high quality – they’ll cost you. You can get starter kits which feature smaller sizes of the products, this way you can test the full range of Radical skincare without breaking the bank – they also make great gifts. 
Have you heard of this brand before? What are your thoughts? 

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