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Little Miracles Organic Energy

Little Miracles Organic Energy

I couldn’t resist buying these when Tesco started to stock them. I’m always curious about posh energy drinks so bought one of each. They were only £1.39, I saw only because you might think that is a lot but I don’t mind paying between £1-2 for an energy drink.


Each 330ml bottle is blended with a tea and contains ginseng to give you a natural energy boost. 

Little Miracles Organic Energy

White Tea, Ginseng, Cherry, Acai and Agave.

89 calories per bottle.

Little Miracles Organic Energy Little Miracles Organic Energy

This was my favourite flavour by far, I love cherry and this has a more than subtle hint to it in the flavour!

Lemongrass tea, orange juice and ginger.

86 calories per bottte.

Little Miracles Organic Energy

The most prominet flavours in this are the lemon and ginger. It’s a delightfully refreshing taste but not too citrusy.

Green Tea, Ginseng, Pommegrante, Acai and Agave.

86 calories per bottle.

Little Miracles Organic Energy

This is probably my least favourite, it’s still nice but just not as nice as the others. I’m not a massive fan of green tea, but it’s mostly covered by the pomegranate and doesn’t have the bitter taste of a regular green tea. 

Little Miracles Organic Energy

This last one is the only one I’ve yet to try as I was saving it for a train ride! I’m looking forward to trying it though and do expect it to taste very peachy!

These drinks are lovely for anyone that likes drinks that have a subtle fruity taste!

Which one do you like the sound of the most?

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