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Cocktails with Crabbie’s Ginger Beer

I received a bottle of Crabbie’s ginger beer in my latest Degustabox, the Raspberry flavour one, to be exact. I’ve seen a whole lot about…

I received a bottle of Crabbie’s ginger beer in my latest Degustabox, the Raspberry flavour one, to be exact. I’ve seen a whole lot about ginger beer since it seems to have become popular lately – but as wine is my drink of choice – I’ve never tried it before.
It was Christine’s birthday on Thursday so I thought it would be a great idea to try out some new cocktails. Our ‘cocktails’ are usually just vodka with some orange and cranberry juice. We add a bit of pineapple if we’re feeling really adventurous.
I picked up a few things from Tesco to blindly invent some new drinks. I also invested in another bottle of Raspberry Ginger Beer and two bottles of the Strawberry and Lime one.
Feeling quite creative, I sat on the floor while Lilly blew up balloons to create a master piece. 

Corinne on the Beach.

250 ml Crabbie’s Raspberry Ginger Beer
1 shot Bacaradi Oakheart Spiced Rum
1 shot Vodka
150 ml soda with lime
This was lovely, the lime gave it a lovely after kick. I was surprised that you couldn’t taste the alcohol too much, despite 2 shots of spirits! It is perfect for a summery day as it tastes very refreshing. Well done, me.

Trouble Will Find You.

250ml Crabbie’s Strawberry and Lime Ginger Beer
2 shots Bacaradi Oakheart Spiced Rum
I did plan on adding more things to this one, but after I added the two shots and tasted it, I knew perfection had been created and refused to spoil it. This is so lovely, it has that perfect alcohol ‘hit’ as you drink it, it’s very smooth. While the first cocktail was nice, it was more of an alcoholpop compared to this one. We ended up drinking a few more of these! And trouble DID find me the next morning, oh dear.
What was supposed to be a nice, quiet evening in, turned out to be a messy night out when we decided to don some dresses and hit the town at 1am. I’ve more on that tomorrow, along with more pictures of Christine’s birthday – some back tomorrow to see them!
What’s your favourite cocktail?
If you missed what else I got in my Degustabox, click the image below!
Psssst, it’s #socialbloggers tonight, hopefully we’ll see you at 6pm, right?
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  1. U got very creative with drinks and creative these yummy ones..
    I think I would have going for ‘Corinne on the beach ‘
    Happy Weekend

  2. Hello from Spain: I see that you enjoyed your drink and birthday Christine’s party. Keep in touch

  3. Ooh sounds lovely! I love inventing cocktails. Every year we throw all the leftover drinks on top of the fridge in with juice and grenadine and make the most LETHAL punch, tastes amazing though.
    India xx
    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  4. Everybody loves a home-made cocktail! Cocktails are (dangerously) my drink of choice as wine has slowly been falling out of love with me – boo! I tried some Crabbies a few weeks back and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. I seem to remember having non-alcoholic Ginger Beer as a kid and loving it. I no longer drink alcohol but I remember also liking ginger ale and orange juice mixed. I’m afraid that before I stopped drinking a quarter of a century ago my favourite cocktails varied and there were too many of them, i.e: Vodka Stingers (2 parts vodka, 1 part white creme de menthe on ice); Wandering Minstrel: (variation of a brandy stinger and white russian mixed – a shot each of brandy, white creme de menthe, vodka, kahlua and cream all on ice and well shaken in a tall glass). I also drank wine and liked beaujolais blanc. Now, being sober, it’s been orange juice and cranberry juice mixed. I’m still wondering whether the Ginger beer is alcohol free.

  6. Have never tried Crabbies before. Me and My friend don’t have a set list of cocktails, we usually just put a shot of everything we can find into it. Have had some really delicious ones and some where you have to hold your nose to drink

    x x x

  7. Ah I’m totally going to try recreating the corrinne on the beach soon!!! Me and my friend made cocktails the other night… I took pics to write about. The made up ones are the best!!! Loving your blog so far 🙂

    1. Let me know how it goes! Trouble will find you tastes so much nicer – you should go for that!

  8. No cocktails for me at the moment, haha! I’m glad I can still enjoy ginger beer though – had a time in the second trimester where I craved it like crazy!

    Away From Blue

  9. Such a fun way to have fun, I bet you had a great time tasting all of those cocktails!
    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  10. Corinne On The Beach sounds too cute!!! :’D but it makes me think that something coconut-y has to be thrown in there! just because it’s not a “beach” drink until there’s some (bit) of coconut! haha.

  11. These sound AMAZING! Crabbies is my go to drink, why haven’t I though of this before, haha!

    Style Sunrise

    🙂 x

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